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Last updated: August 19, 2020

In order to collect the above information, it is expected that the Local SST should spend a minimum of one day at the BLO working with the BLO representative to gather the above information and complete the relevant documentation. The Local SST will be responsible for ensuring that any certification claims to recognise the competences of individuals are based against accurate assessments.

If they have not been directly involved in the assessment activities, they will be responsible for deciding if the assessments are accurate and consistent. BLOs may utilise other resources to carry out formative assessment activities such as direct observations, case-studies, questioning or off-the-job simulations. However the Local SST must make the final decision as to whether the evidence presented is sufficient and relevant enough to allow for BLU or external recognition to be given.

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The Local SST associated with a BLO cannot be an employee or provide any other contracted Business Link branded service for the BLO. The document at Appendix 3 illustrates the forms that are completed within this Professional Development system. Operations at a regional level Each region will have a SST regional representative who will ensure that all of the above information is collected at a local level and articulated at a regional level.

It is proposed that there will be quarterly regional meetings. These will involve the SST BLO representatives for each of the BLOs in the region plus any of the BLO representatives that wish to attend. In addition, regional stakeholders will be invited to attend. This may include RDA representatives, LSC representatives andThe information to be discussed at regional level will include all of the information collected at a local level, together with an analysis of the regional implications in terms of support required and delivered. The regional forum can make suggestions/recommendations to the national level as to how the BLU might best respond to regional requirements. The regional forum can also identify where BLOs might be in need of additional support to maximise their continuous professional development activities.Costs to BLOs It is proposed that all Standards Support team activities will be charged at a rate of �60 per hour plus VAT and travel, where applicable.

 Standards Support Team members may be engaged to: 3) Assist BLOs in preparing newly appointed staff and contractors prepare for their initial assessment. This may include helping them investigate the standards of professional competence and identify which are relevant to their present and possible future roles and when and how they will be assessed against them.4) Carry out formative/first line assessment activities such as live observations. This will include completing the relevant paperwork.

 5) Carry out summative/second line assessment activities. These will be carried out by the Local SST members, i.e.

that member associated with a particular Business Link. These assessments are required for formal recognition of achievement by the BLU and relevant external bodies. 6) Carry out quality assurance/verification activities where the BLO has used the Local SST for all fist line and second line assessment activities.7) Support BLOs on other standards initiatives such as Customer First, IiP, EFQM and ISO.

 8) Work with the BLO representative to agree local development plans and journals on a quarterly basis. Items 5 and 7 are a mandatory component of the Professional Development Component. Costs to SBS Local SST members will be involved in quarterly regional meetings in order to develop regional plans and reviews. The numbers involved will depend on the numbers of BLOs per region.Regional SST members will be involved in quarterly national meetings to develop national plans and reviews Regional SST members will be involved in ensuring Local SST members continue to comply with the national standard A2 National SST will be involved in ensuring the quality of Regional SST members.

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