At Risk Students

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Characteristics of At-Risk Students At risk students comes from different different backgrounds.

Many of the students are from cultures with so many different outlooks on education. A product of a student being at risk can come from a wide range of different things. The one that stuck out to me the most was a child that comes from a poverty background. Many families that have low income and work on a job that does not value a high school education, which puts them in a lower income bracket, are considered as at risk. Many of the students that come from a home making minimum wages find it complicated to afford many of life necessities like food, clothing, shelter and education for the child.

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Usually it??™s the single parent that has to work two jobs to make ends meet and without the extra money the home can??™t function properly. Since the parent cant afford daycare, or send their children to early intervention school, the child miss out on getting an early start on their schooling. Even families with both parents that are not making enough find it complicated to find the time to help their child with their homework. Regularly students are left on their own because the parents don??™t have enough money a babysitter and dont have the time or money to send their children to afterschool programs to be tutored. ( Ramsey & Ramsey1994).

In the Fort bend school district, where I live and my children attend school, there are 161,194 children living in the district at this time. The makeup of the district is Latinos and Hispanics, Whites, African American, and sixteen percent are other nationalities (Sanford, B 2008). Families that are in the lower class category often need help or assistance from the government to provide food, clothes and shelter. In Fort Bend County, there are programs put in place to assist the families that are in need.

Also, there are programs throughout the community that are set up to help families. To make sure that the students that is at risk have the necessary health and educational needs. The Fort Bend county school district offers afterschool programs for students that are declining in their classes work. Many of the students in the Fort bend area use the transportation system which is for those that dont have transportation. Fort B (Donald Kauchak & Paul Eggan, 2005) end is provided with federal funding for that program.

There are many Boys and Girls clubs and this program is for boys and girls to have recreation after school. There are also many clubs throughout the community. Fort Bend County even have health programs this program helps the pregnant teenagers. This is where the teen can learn how to care for the child that??™s on the way.

The Fort bend County also have a shelter that is in place for the homeless, and food banks are all over the community for those that is in need of food and other items of necessities. They also have assistance for the mentally challenged students, and students with special needs. I think all the programs that I have list that Fort Bend provides being that it??™s an educational program or a community program it is beneficial and necessary that it is in place for every student that need the help. I feel that these programs are very successful because it reaches those students and families who may not have the money to take part in such programs as these.

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