Tragic hero and Caesar

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Antony is a great tragic hero and Caesar is difficult to like. Throughout the play, Antony is perceived as the hero and Caesar is very hard to actually like. Firstly, Antony seems to be more well rounded then Caesar is.

Antony has been known as a heroic warrior just like Caesar but also can love and feel, which Caesar seems to try and pretend he doesn’t have to make him seem more powerful. This causes the audience to feel that he is arrogant and has a sort of chip on his shoulder.This carries on throughout the play, as it almost seems as though Caesar has no heart. When he feels that Antony is drifting apart from his roots of war and military he views him as weak, when in actual fact it is probably Caesar who is the weaker of the two.

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 In Act 2, Scene 2, Caesar has a mini argument with Antony about who would sit down first causes the audience to feel slight anger towards Caesar. This seems very trivial and the fact that he is making a big deal over it causes him to seem slightly over reacting. This also shows Antony in a very dignified manner. He calmly goes along with this situation and lets Caesar sit first. This could show how much more dignified Antony is and that Caesar is very pompous.It seems as if Caesar is only using Antony for political needs. He is making Antony marry Octavia to mend the feud with him as Antony’s wife and brother were trying to make war on Caesar. This shows Caesar as a manipulative man and Antony seems the stronger character of the two as he can see what Caesar is doing and just goes along with it.

 Caesar is portrayed throughout, as not caring about anything else but him, this is particularly evident in Act 2, Scene 2. He is uncompromisingly in control as he accepts no apologies and, having raised one complaint (lines 46-61) he carries on to immediately raise another. (Lines 76-9,86-95) this shows him as very egotistical as he doesn’t really care about anyone else’s needs but his own.

Caesar is again portrayed as being egotistical as he even refers to his own sister, Octavia as ‘a great part of myself.’ Act3, Scene2. This implies that she is not good enough to be her own person but is actually only a good part of him. Other characters refer to Antony as a good man.

Lepidus calls him ‘The Noble Antony.’ Act 2, Scene 2, Line 15. Within the play there are more references to Antony being a good man than Caesar. This shows that other characters can see what the two leaders are like.

It proves to the audience what they have been suspecting all along, that Antony is the greater of the two.The fact that Antony leaves Rome to Egypt can be seen as noble. This is because he realises that he will never be as good as Caesar therefore decides to leave. It shows that he is dignified and can make good decisions on what is best for him and the nation. He can see this shows that he is a good and intelligent man.

 When Antony dies this shows that he is a hero. He realises there is more to life then just politics and now that he has discovered this he can die as he truly knows what he believes in. Whereas, Caesar will stay in Rome and carry on the politics thinking his life is complete.

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