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Advertising method of communicating with groups in the market place in order to achieve its objectives. Advertising can be received through a number of ways to people which trys persuade them to buy a certain product.

It can be defined of a paid-for type of marketing communication but aimed at specific targets. Interest rates when the economic activity is low the governments have to borrow money in summing up the income they receive from taxes. If more people borrow money the government will be tempted to increase interest rates. By rising interest rates will lead to a reduction in consumer disposable income.Consumer disposable income simply means the total amount people have to spend after deduction in income tax, national insurance mortgage repayments and other essential items. These are many ways in which You could Add Value and many ways in which Vodafone use theses methods to add value. Vodafone makes the final product by carrying out research and development this includes carrying out an questionnaire and asking questions to the publics about what they would require about a mobile phone and how they should improve it.

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Once Vodafone have gathered all the information the require they will work in a Quality circle which is a group of volunteers within the business who will finalise all the information by using graphs and charts.They will then come up with a solution in the way they should construct the final product. Once they have produced the final product which is a prototype. The quality circle again will get together to carry out the research again but this time with the prototype of the mobile and again gather information with the use of questionnaires.

People will test the product and suggests improvements such as the features shape size etc. This is to be done by carrying out the questionnaire to see if the liked the product and to see weather or not it is successful. If it happens to be successful they will carry out tests of the product to see weather or not it is durable. Once the tests are completed it will be sold in the shops.Vodafone insures benchmarking to carry out the process which means that Vodafone have to buy the latest technology and machinery. There are many reasons why Vodafone need to buy new machinery due to the more extent use of mobile phones more and more variety of mobile phones are coming out each day this means Vodafone would need to buy new machinery due to the fact that the old machinery is not capable of handling the job of making new phones and also as they are bring new products into the market they need to have the latest technology and machinery to maximise profits and to survive in the market and also to ensure better quality.

Therefore Vodafone insure they carry out ‘Benchmarking’.Vodafone makes sure that products they make are at the best quality by Economies of scale (internal). This basically means that Vodafone break down to cost of its unit cost of production by improved technology. Also external economies of scale, Vodafone employees workers who are going to be concentrated at there work on a certain type of product produce high quality too meet the need of its customers. Vodafone also trains its workers in which they should carry out tasks at a high standard of quality.

Vodafone also employees inspectors the reasons for this is they would like less errors occurring during the production of Mobile phones and these inspectors will test and inspect the product and machinery. If they discover an error they will stop it from occurring as they would find out where it is happening.Vodafone also employees are concerned with the customers quality of the product as the customers come at the center of the production process. Vodafone also makes its own brand products although they have competition with the popular mobile phone brands such as Nokia and others they try to compete with them by carrying out questionnaire to see what type people like and by doing this Vodafone will try to produce a product with many feature they acquire. This is why many of Vodafone’s products have succeed in the competitive market for mobile phones.Vodafone is a tall structure it uses Role culture and Democratic styles. I will show how these three are linked together. As Vodafone is a tall structure, it has many layers, and these layers are split up into various functions.

This is therefore knows as a buroecrasis. This is where role culture interrelates into Vodafone’s Tall structure. As you may now Vodafone is a large organisation the members are powered out there job role to carry out. Its workers also have Logic and rationality.This is where Democratic style interrelates with Role culture.

As you may now Democratic style gives power and authority to the managers this is why as I explained in Role culture people know there job role they also now who to turn to when they are in trouble or ask for help. This is then all down to the manger to plan and make decisions. The decisions are made as a team as a whole. Therefore this style is concentrated with employees and as the work. When employees are concentrated this will mean they are more motivated at there work which will mean better decision making.

All these three interrelate with Vodafone and this is why its employees know who to turn to when they are in need and also they are more motivated in finishing tasks. Internal method of communication: Verbal communication Role culture and Democratic style: In Role culture Vodafone’s functions are split up into a number functions. It has better communication links with its staff. In democratic style the power and authority is passed down to the mangers, the mangers will give tasks to its workers face-face.

This will mean they have good communication links therefore they are motivated at there work which means better quality products produced with less errors, This will mean more good reputation due to high quality products being produced which will increases the level of sales and profit.Tall structure: As Vodafone is a tall structure the directors will then pass down information to the mangers. Take quality circle as an example Vodafone has many competition. This could be a problem to Vodafone as they might not gain much profit or sales, therefore this is where Quality circles interrelates.

Quality circle is group of employees who get together and try to bring new products into the market, which would help Vodafone gain sales and increase its profit therefore they would survive.By in dept research and surveys being carried they will try and prevent competition from occurring as they would try to bring a product which has more functions then competitors phones. But Vodafone knows that this cycle of competition is always going to happen, therefore they will try to bring new product into the market every now and then. They will now when to bring new products in to the market as they will produce balance sheets to see how they are performing. If there sales are dropping ten the will introduce a new product into the market. This cycle is continuous and the whole process starts again of research and development.Written information Role culture and democratic style: In role culture it will have good communication strategies and if it was put up on a notice board everyone will be able to see it and they could spread the word.

In democratic style when they put up the notice they do not have to go around face-face which could save time and concentrate on there work. And as the employees come first in this style they will decide future activities as a group.Tall structure: As Vodafone is a tall structure they have thousands of employees. In order to spread the word. The mangers cannot go around to everyone and pass on the message this wastes time of there work and can lose motivation therefore they could put a notice up which would save time on there work and motivate the manger to do there work. They could also state in the notice board to refer to your line manger which would mean people coming to the manger rather then the manger going to them. By using this method it would motivate manager to do there job role appropriately and would mean more sales and profit.Electronic information Role culture and Democratic style and tall structure: This type of message can only be received by mangers of the Vodafone.

These manger will pass this information to its employees. This is another way of good communication networks which is a good way of sending letters memos etc. due to the fact that it save time and will reach the recipient quicker rather then you posting letters which will take days to receive.

This type of communication will reach quicker and will aware employees of what is going on.Democratic style: as the workers work together as a group other workers below them in the organisation structure will be aware what it is going on. This type of communication will reach quicker and will aware employees of what is going on. Tall structure: as it is a tall structure messages there will be lots of line manager who control a certain areas therefore messages will get to each line manger quickly. This is how workers will find out what’s going on.

As workers now what is going on in the business environment they are more aware of there job which will mean they are more motivated at there job which means better quality products which will lead to more sales and more profit.External methods of communication: Verbal communication (telephone, Interviews, Tele-conferencing) Role culture and Democratic style Tall structure: In Role culture as Vodafones functions are split into function it has better communication links with its staff. This will means Vodafone shops will be aware of what tasks are to be carried out. They could use the telephone or by interview which they could use Tele-conferencing which would save time from travelling from one place to another. In democratic style the power and authority is passed down to the mangers of the shop. The mangers will give tasks to its workers face-face.

This will mean they have good communication links therefore the workers are motivated at there work which means workers of the shop know what to do and say when a customer asks for help. This will mean more good reputation due to the quality of service they provide which will mean increase in the level of sales and profit and try and stop competition form occurring as they try to provide the best possible service.

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