The the good knowledge to provide quality care

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Last updated: August 31, 2019

Thearticle describes about the capability of nurses providing a high quality careto the patient. Nurses are responsible for providing patient centered andcollaborative care by using evidence-based practice.

The research was conductedto examine the extent to which these core competencies have been incorporatedin the rules of state boards of nursing in the United States as requiredcurricular content for patient care. The study was conducted by drawingresearch method. The findings were that 70% of nurses inthe United States have the good knowledge to provide quality care to theirpatients by using evidence-based practice.

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Those nurses are working with collaborationwith interdisciplinary, information technology, and performance improvementcare.The conclusion was that theresearch showed that creative, evidence based educational programming couldimprove staff knowledge about patient care. Theinformation from this research article impact nursing practice because nursing knowledge is the means by which the whole purpose of caring forpatients is achieved. Nurses’ knowledge isimportant to provide relevant care for patients and to bring a positiveeffect on their health quality of life as revised by state board of nursing.Understanding knowledge use in everyday nursing practice is important to theimprovement and quality of health care.Knowledgeis a key to provide quality care, not only for the patient also considering andrespecting their values, family, lifestyle, and their social, moral, andcultural circumstances. Nurses see patients more than physician and it’simportant that they have nurse-patient relationship.

Nurses have accountabilityand responsibility towards the patients to provide optimal care.  

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