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This research was obtained from a reliable website. It explains how nickel is a good raw material to use for the plating of the raw component. Nickel has become a very fashionable finish in recent years. It is bright silver like metal and is hard wearing.

With heavy deposits it will give good corrosion protection, however it does need to be kept polished if the bright lustre finish is to be maintained.Nickel will dull off if not regularly polished just like silver but because it is such a hard metal, almost all proprietary metal cleaners can be used without causing damage to the finish. Many people have nickel because they like the attractive finish produced as it ages. Common uses are taps (faucets), bathroom & kitchen accessories and many household items like tea trays etc.

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Section 3, analysis of information and conclusions The research on the previous page describes the properties nickel offers for a plated product. It protects against corrosion but requires care so that the nickel does not dull off. Nickel is a hard metal than does not damage easily, it is a polished metal that is functional and decorative thus used for home feature such as taps, trays and bathroom and kitchen. All of theses places and items that nickel is used for are exposed to corrosion so this must mean that nickel it extremely good at protecting the inner metal.The quality control that is shown on this research is that nickel must be cleaned to ensure the finish does not come off and expose the inner metal. The assurance that nickel gives is that it is a hard metal, which does not damage easily.

 The effectiveness of this metal is that it is corrosion resistant that protects the inner metal from factors that can damage it. Research piece 11, secondary information This research was obtained from a website. It explains how chromium is a good raw material for the plating of a raw component.

It also explains the properties of chromium plate.” Chromium plating is now applied to so many different types of article that the brilliant bluish white appearance of the metal is familiar to everyone, and description of it is rendered unnecessary. The deposit does not tarnish and requires but occasional washing with soap and water, or wiping with a soft cloth or damp wash leather, to remove any accumulation of dust and dirt from the surface “. The research above describes how chromium plate is a brilliant bluish white appearance. It also describes how the plate does not tarnish but needs occasional cleaning with a cloth to remove dirt.” The term ‘Bright Chromium Plate’ is used to describe a layer of nickel followed by a final deposit of bright chromium. Direct chromium deposits are not generally used for decorative purposes as to provide a reasonable degree of protection very heavy deposits would be required “.

 Bright chromium plate is explained from the research above as being a layer or nickel covered by a layer of bright chromium. The information also describes how chromium would not be a good protective finish by itself so it needs another metal layer to give it the proactive finish, which is nickel.” Experience over many years has confirmed that nickel is the most suitable undercoat for decorative deposits because of the ease with which bright chromium may be applied, the white colour and good corrosion resistance of the nickel deposit and the relative simplicity of the nickel-plating process. The nickel deposit gives protection to the basis metal, and is itself preserved from surface oxidation by the bright chromium deposit “.

This information above explains how nickel plating is the ideal plating for the undercoat of chromium plating because nickel is corrosion resistance and is a bright white so chromium will also be similar properties to nickel due to the nickel in the chromium plate. The quality control that is shown in this research is that the chromium is cleaned so that it does not tarnish. The quality assurance is that this metal plate gives is that it is a hard metal and does not become damaged. The efficiently of the metal plate is not completely better than nickel because nickel has better properties than chromium.Section 3, analysis of information and conclusions Research piece 12, secondary information The information below was obtained from a website. It explains the properties of zinc. ” Finish Properties: Electrolytic zinc coatings are used to protect and improve the appearance of iron and steel products.

Zinc coatings protect ferrous metal in two ways. First, as a corrosion barrier and second, as a sacrificial layer when the zinc coating is broken or damaged. The application of chromate conversion coatings give additional protection against corrosion particularly under high humidity and moisture conditions “.The research above explains how zinc plating is efficient on the coating of steel and iron because it offers a number of protections. The zinc improves the appearance and the protection of the raw component.

It protects the inner metal by resisting against corrosion and if the zinc does become damages there is another undercoat of chromate, which gives it the additional protection against humidity and moisture.” Clear, yellow, olive drab and black chromates are available for application on zinc plate. Final appearance of the chromate film depends on base metal smoothness and quality of plate deposited.” The above research describes the different types of colour zincs that are available. It also explains the final finish of the product. It shows that raw component makes a big factor to the texture and appearance of the plat.

Question 4, primary information This research was obtained from the interview at the electroplating company. Its been answered by a member of staff. It explains weather the product is made before of after it has been electroplated. It also described the different types of products available. ” Usually the electroplated raw base are already manufactured into a product before it has been electroplated. What this means is that if the electroplate raw base was going to be moulded into the product after it has been electroplated the electroplated would become damage and be no good so it is done after the product has been made.

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