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Last updated: August 24, 2020

John Lewis is situated on Kingston High Street which is the core shopping area of Kingston which helps John Lewis customers to find the stores easily. The Store from the outside looks impressive; the window displays are always well designed and modern to keep up with the times. The John Lewis logo is proudly displayed and which make it a unique store. Inside the store continues to shine with its impressive collection of goods that range from TV’s to spoons. All areas are well labeled and all the areas have their unique look and designThere are both escalators and lifts available and access for the disabled is very easy.

The aisles are wide enough to accommodate for large numbers of people which is a plus, some stores do not think of this in their designs and allow to much space for their products to be displayed, forgetting people actually have to get to the products in the first place. There is a cafi?? on the top floor of the store which provides small tasty snacks and drinks to refresh you as you ready yourself for another 3 hour walk around the rest of the store.There is adequate seating and the furniture and cafi?? area is well maintained. They also provide different facilities for customers and employees like disable parking, toilets, entrance, heating, elevators, fire exits etc.

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John Lewis tries to recycle it waste like paper and clothes. They tries to reduce the materials and try to be more environmentally friendly. Plant, machinery and equipment Equipments are essential for John Lewis to operate smoothly.They try to provide different equipments to its employees to maintain the shop for example for example MS Visio Network Equipment, this technical systems helps individuals and teams more effectively. Visio diagrams make a message more concise, help people remember main points, and transcend cultural and technical barriers. John Lewis use this system in their human resources department. John Lewis used most advanced computers to make work easy and fast for their employees.They use some CCTV as equipment to maintain shop security which is maintained by the technician every day.

Security, insurance and emergency provision John Lewis follows The Health and Safety at Work Act. They have drawn up polices and provisions for should happen in event of an emergency for example they provided emergency fire exits for employees and customers, they have also trained employees and provide them with clear instruction with emergency procedures. John Lewis employers have a duty of care towards every customers or visitor who comes in the shop.

John Lewis building has partnership with “greenbee” insurance company. This insurance company provides john Lewis building and its employees with protection. This will help john Lewis to pay its employee family in case accident death, bloody injury. John Lewis employs full-time security staff to look after the store when it’s closed. The security patrol the building, sometimes using dogs to help them, them also CCTV cameras and alarms which are linked to police station.

Intellectual property, software licenses, copyrights and patentsJohn Lewis have the right to own ideas and have rights to concerning what happens to these ideas, including how often they are used, what they are associated Overall I think managing human, physical and technological resources department will help John Lewis to get best out staff and from customers. It will result in less staff turnover. Human resource also helps John Lewis to make good public relations and built a proper referral system which will result in that other organization can do business with john Lewis with a trust and John will have more capital and profit.

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