Okay, seen to be gods, Dedalus is seen

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Okay,so James Joyce is a genius and here’s why.

In his novel, Ulysses, Joyce’s maincharacter’s: Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus represent the Goidels and the TuathaDe Danann. Bloom is associated with the Goidels because they were the Irishinvaders who could have Jewish ancestry. Bloom in Ulysses has Jewish backgroundthrough his father. However, like the Goidels, Bloom doesn’t identify as a Jew.Bloom’s mixed identity mirrors the Goidel in The Book of Invasions. In Ulysseswe see Bloom absorbed in Egyptian and Turkish things. Stephen Dedalus inUlysses is mirrored as the Tuatha De Danann.

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The Tuatha De Danann are known forskill in magical arts and Druidry. Like the Tuatha De Danann, Dedalus islearned in the Western culture and secret mysteries. Just like the Tautha DeDanann are seen to be gods, Dedalus is seen to be himself arrogant and to havedivinity. The Tuatha De Danann also ally themselves with Athenians and Daedalusis seen in some versions of classical myth to be Athenian. Stephen is skilledin many arts; he is a teacher, bard, singer and journalist. The replacement ofStephen Dedalus with Bloom and Molly corresponds to the wave of possession anddispossession of Ireland in the myth. Just as the Tuatha De Danann retreatunderground, Stephen Dedalus exists suddenly from Ulysses.

We alsointerestingly have the role of the ‘Citizen’ in Ulysses, which I believe wasJoyce’s attempt to showcase the Fir Bolg and Fomorians. The Citizen is a crudeperson and chaotic as are the Fomorians. In the character Balor the one-eyedfigure we have the one-eyed Fomorian. Essentially, Joyce uses myth of The Bookof Invasions to explain why the central characters in Ulysses are ‘outsiders,’because to be an immigrant essentially means to be Irish according to the myth.

Just as the Odyssey, Hamlet and the Divine Comedy contribute to the making ofUlysses we should add a fourth book, The Book of Invasions to that list. Man, Ilove Joyce.

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