3rd Grade Poetry Review Terms

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Last updated: December 15, 2019
Rhyme –
when two or more words match in the same ending sound. Rhyming words are usually at the ends of lines in poetry

Stanza –
a paragraph in poetry . It will have skipped lines above and below the stanza. There are NOT indentions in a stanza as in a story.

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The way you count in a poem . This is how you will document where your answers are found.

when words in the same line have the same beginning sounds. She sells seashells by the seashore…Forty frumpy frogs flocked to the fair

using a key word several times in a poem.

The beat or music like quality of the poetry

Simile –
a creative way to describe in comparison.

Uses like or as . She smelled as sweet as a rose

Pattern of Verse –
The pattern of rhyming words repeated, AA,BB,A is a limerick pattern

Narrative poem –
will tell a story – you can pick out characters, setting, beginning, middle, end

Lyrical poems-
has a lively beat – almost musical- many times expresses feelings

Free verse –
has no pattern and does not usually rhyme

Humorous poetry –
written just for fun

Other forms of poetry –
Concrete poems, Acrostic poems, Cinquain

**Poetry Strategy –
You must read a poem 3 or 4 times before you can begin to get the real meaning that the poet is trying to show. Read with your heart . You can be sure the poet had some kind of feelings they were wanting to show in the poem. If you do not see it at first.

READ OVER.. Go to the lines the questions talk about and reread again .

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