4.1 crime and causing service disruption. Organization using

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Last updated: September 11, 2019

4.1 Description of ThreatComputers are used to commit or attempts or even targets a network is known as cybercrime.

Cybercrime can be wide-spread damage the cost of companies millions of dollars to fix it. The underground economy also refers to illegal economic activity. Cybercrime is made up of different criminal groups who is responsible for numbers of sophisticated financial heists.

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It uses leveraging operating system, application, publicly available tool and custom developing tools to exploit vulnerabilities of the system. The cause may variance from poorly policed environment and high level of organised crime. Criminal choose underground economy as it is low physical risk, low cost of entry but high in returns and very hard to prosecute. Underground economy is the biggest threat as it motivated by money, return on investment on cost of attack and internet/telecommunication subscribers are the target. Underground economy also known as shadow economy and it goods or services did not reported to the government and therefore beyond reach of tax collectors and regulators.4.

2 Nature of ThreatThreat the compromised personal information and services. Carry out large scale of email campaigns to distribute commodity malware such as the recent wannacry ransomware. Using computer that is connected to the internet to commit financial crime and causing service disruption.

Organization using cybercrime to make a living off electronic crimes like affiliate networks and commercial services. The tools use is like bots, trojan horses and spyware. Attackers can use a program call powershell which is a powerful scripting language using this to create an infection chain also allow to be execute directly from memory which mean that attackers leave fewer traces/footprint behind and is installed by default on most of the windows computers. Powershell also use to facilitate the download and execution of the final payload and can be execute remote computer spreading inside the network. Stole personal and financial information to gain access to bank accounts and credit cards.

By using this the criminals not only can sell credit card data or email accounts but to also interested in home addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, full names, dates of birth. Organised crime group benefit from globalisation by moving to different countries and even try to withdraw cash using counterfeit cards. Using counterfeit care to make purchases online or transport or accommodation. Attack toolkits sold to the underground economy allow criminals to create new malware and assemble an entire attack plan without having a software programmer. Attacker use financial malware targeted online banking for money. Exploitative cybercrimes include Phishing and Pharming Scams and cyberstalking.

4.3 Mitigation of ThreatAs banks and company using outdated operating system that cause OS security bridging. To avoid company and banks must work with Microsoft and other OS vendors to come out with major security although the better option is to upgrade their operating system. Internet is one of the cause that cybercrime is made up of. As ISP provisioning dirty and vulnerable PCs onto the network. Windows OS vulnerability could catch users when being re-provisioned to a new home.

ISP develop a tool to do regular checks for cleanliness so that attacker will not try to do any cybercrimes. To prevent cybercrime do not open or forward any chain emails, protect computer with internet security software like Symantec or trend micro. If something sounds or looks too good to be true, be sceptical about it and research on the information to see if it is a scam.

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