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Last updated: August 26, 2020

Communication is an important part of any business when trying to achieve success within the business.

Each employee within the business needs to know what is going on within the business not only to complete tasks but also can help to motivate the employees and make them feel valued within the business. As communication is so important we need to look at different ways of communication to see how effective these methods will be within our business.EmailEmail is a growing trend which has been becoming more and more popular throughout the years and is a near necessity for any business competing in today’s competitive market. Email is a efficient and free method of communication, as each member of our business has a email address and access to the internet we decided to reduce costs of printing and waste of paper to and use email. Within our school intranet system there is a email account set up to send internal emails, this is the email method we choice to use to communicate information between employees, for example Katherine our secretary sends the agendas and minutes from each meeting through email.

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This method is fast and effective which works well for everyday informal use within our business.Formal MeetingsAs a group we decided we would meet up as a full group once a week and discuss different issues which we felt needed to be address as a whole company. These meetings were to take place each Wednesday. We then decided that for each meeting which takes place an agenda should be writing up by the secretary and the manager, this is to make sure that each issue gets talking about and nothing is forgotten about.

Minutes are also produced for each meeting, these minutes will remind the team what was talking about and what tasks need to be completed before the next meeting takes place. (See appendix 1 for all agenda and minutes)Face to faceAs we are working as a team there will need to be daily communication so that tasks will run smoothly. Although this method can sometimes be hard as all member of the team as not present within school. A rota was produced as that each person on the team could be aware of when each person was working on the stall and the manager could locate them. With each person communicating well the team will be able to monitor the progress and success of the business on a daily bases. How our team will use teamwork and deal with problem solvingAs business studies takes up a large amount of a time within school we are fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time together of the past two years in sixth form. Although we are a large class and had to be split into two groups we gel well as a class and work well within a group.

This is an advantage when working in a business situation as people feel more comfortable working with people they know well and can relate to on a personal level. This makes working well as a team an easy team for our group. When starting any new job there is a settling in period of the employee which can be time consuming for a business, therefore knowing each other well saved time as we could easy be aware of each others skills and weaknesses making it easier to identify job areas people would be best suited to.

Teamwork can be defined as “the co-operative effort by a group of people to achieve a common goal” within out business our gaol is to develop and run a successful business. It is also a well known fact that people are working well together as a team decisions and tasks are completed quicker and motivation levels are high. As a team we well we work well together as we all value each others opinion and allow each other to express there point of view to the group. This has a whole range of benefits to the business ranging from better customer service to the group developing better ideas and strategies. This also made for a great start for our business as each person felt they could voice there ideas of how the business should be run.

While discussing the different ideas within the first few sessions we had as a group it was visible that we were excited and enthusiastic about the project.While brain storming the ideas for our business each member of our team found the idea of producing hoodies the most exciting and effective, which meant we all agreed on what our business was to be producing quickly within the first session. However disagreements occurred when deciding whether or not to run a business to help found the production of the hoodies as some members of the team felt pupils would not pay a high price for the hoodies.The decision was made to run primary research into both he hoodies and the meal deal idea to see there popularity and the prices pupils would be willing to pay.

On completing the primary research we discovered that our target market would be willing to pay �20 for the hoodies meaning there would be no need for the meal deal business to run as well. On finding out this information the group become excited about the idea of starting our business and maybe making a profit on selling the hoodies. this is prime example of problem solving within our group and shows we can work well within a team to problem solve.We discussed as a group how we could problem solve and what problems could develop over the next 3 weeks of our business. We decided that the human resources department and the manager would be the first port of call if any problems would occur.

We decided this would be the best way to combat any problems we might have because our manager fully understands the target market and has come in contact with the most common problems the year before in selling the hoodies. The human resources department have the skills to work well with people and understand any problems which can occur with the employees of our group.

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