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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Education in prison In the California prisons and most correctional facilities in the United States have programs that help inmate??™s rehabilitation. But the question is do all programs help, or is there programs that help more than others I believe that the education program is the most effective for three reasons.

First because they have something to do while they are in jail. Second because it could also help them understand the law better and have a better change of getting out and understand the law when there out. And lastly because when they get out of jail they have something that they could fall back on and might be able to land a job in the future. This program also helps inmates to stay out due to the fact that they have some education and might even keep on going in that path to college or a vocational school. While an inmate is in jail they have so much free time and most of them make some bad decisions like join a gang and get in trouble while they are in prison. But if they have education and something to look forward to they won??™t be so involved with the bad things that are happening outside the yard. According to the federal bureau of prisons they are required to do 240 hours to earn there GED.

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So that is a very high demand of expectations. Where they have to be in class and where they also have to put some extra effort to learn and understand the material. But there is a down side to the high expectations that they have for the inmates as inmates go in to prisons sometimes they just want to get there time over with. Another down side to this would be that some adults that go into prison have a mentality that after they get out they will have no hope of finding a job because they were convicted felons. And that is mostly true in most cases but I still feel that there are employers out there willing to give a person a second change if they see the efforts and commitment that they have done to get that GED. In the correctional system they should teach the inmates the law. Due to the fact that they have Brocken it than that should be an obligation that they could leave with some knowledge of the law so that when they get out they don??™t make the same mistakes. another reason why this would be good for a person in prison would be so they could understand how the court system works.

i say this because most inmates in jail do not know much about the criminal system therefore they have no idea what is going on in the criminal court. Lastly why the education system in the prisons is a good thing is because as soon as they get out and they have their GED in hand they could go to their families and show them a change they have made in jail. And their families get that sigh of relief that their loved one has rehabilitated and therefore they will support them in trying to find a job or look for a job ad this will keep and ex inmate out of prison.

And isn??™t that what rehabilitation is all about putting something in their heads or in their hands in this case that makes the inmates feel as if they have a change when they get out. I strongly agree that the education program is an enormous help to the inmate and it reduces crime due to the fact that the inmates who chose this program end up getting a second change and land a job. In conclusion the educational program in the correctional facilities do indeed help reduce crime in the streets ad they also give inmates a second chance in society. The three reasons would be that they would be focusing their time in jail o education the second reason would be that they would be able to understand the law and court system and lastly because they would earn their GED which is a great accomplishment to an inmates and will reduce crime.

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