We cryptocurrency would be implemented through the use

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Last updated: September 1, 2019

We all know that crypto coins are thefuture. However, it is naive to believe that they have emerged coincidentallyand caught the wicked central bankers unprepared.Governments may be in the process of banningthe cryptocurrency space and using BTC, whose creation for years has beensurrounded by a mysterious mist, as a first step, a global experiment to studythe introduction of crypto. As a goal, they aim to allow the public to trust cryptocurrenciesbefore completely suppressing them, to afterwards replace them with a government-controlledform of currency.

This cryptocurrency would beimplemented through the use of an also government-controlled blockchain, and rootfor the replacement of all physical currency, that is, forbidding the flow offiduciary currencies and all privately-issued cryptocurrencies to then impose amonetary system that is comprised entirely of electronic money, that is 100%controlled by the Government.By doing so, it would eliminate theunderground economy and allow the enforcement of any level of negative interestrate to accomplish its inflation goals, while also preventing the public fromhoarding paper money in order to escape the loss of its purchasing power. Under the pretext of being able togreatly diminish tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist-funding activities,there would be a complete monitoring of every transaction on the new blockchain.This evolution in currency makesperfect sense to governments in their long history of migrating away fromgold-backed money. The primary purpose of this form of currency would be topush interest rates into negative territory in order to increase monetaryvelocity and supply.Asan alternative, once they study how the issue develops, its application and theway people respond to it, there is a chance that central banks will take over.It will appear that they regulate nothing and that everything 

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