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Jenna ForcelleLucinda WellsENGL 009023 July 2009Enforcing the Rules Do parents really enjoy enforcing good manners and the rules of the house on children, or do rules and manners actually have a purpose Too many children, ages of pre-school to high-school, show no concern to use good manners in public. Children also often dress inappropriately, giving themselves a sexual appearance, or, in other words, selling themselves. Too often, children misbehave in public, and unfortunately, if this isn??™t taken care of early, the young children will become unruly middle school and high school students. First, many young children act up in public. Almost every time I shop at Wal-mart, I notice young children acting up in public, even screaming and pounding their fists.

These children seem to think that they are going to get their way. Shopping at Wal-mart the other day, I walked past a toy aisle as a young child was screaming at the top of his lungs and repeating, ???Mommy! I want it!??? Clearly this child should have been taken out of the store, but his parents were ignoring him. Dr. Phil had an episode about children misbehaving and how parents should approach it. In general, Dr. Phil said, ???Your primary job as a parent is to prepare your child for how the world really works.

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In the real world, you don??™t always get what you want.??? While babysitting, I also see this misbehavior. I babysit many young children who think they own the house and who constantly want snacks or something they can??™t have. When I tell the children, ???No!???, suddenly the children will throw themselves on the floor and start flailing their arms and legs. This shows that the parents are not taking control over their children and if this isn??™t dealt with, there will be other problems to come when they become middle school aged children. As the children get older and the problems aren??™t corrected, unruly youngsters become inappropriately dressed middle school students.

I was walking around the fair this weekend and I saw many middle school aged children looking older than their true ages. The obnoxious clothing on one of the girls walking in front of me was not pleasant. Wearing a bright pink, short, cotton skirt and a white, see-through tank top, she walked with her hand on her hip as she tried to flip her skirt up. Another source of this inappropriate dressing comes from the children idolizing rich celebrities. I work with a middle school aged girl who looks at magazines all day.

She will comment about all of the celebrities??™ clothing and the next day, she will be wearing something like in the magazine. Her skirts hit the top of her thigh and she always wears a low cut shirt. Again, Dr. Phil spoke to a middle school aged child about idolizing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and said, ???What have either of them ever done, except spend money that they got from somebody else What is it you??™re looking up to??? Finally, I was in a clothing store, and I watched a middle school aged child look through the clothes. She walked right to the clothing that was inappropriate and right past the clothing that was right for her age. The clothing stores are starting to make this problem even bigger. The clothing is starting to become smaller in size with less fabric. As the middle school aged children eventually make their way to the high school, the problem with dress never improves, and their vocabulary starts to expand with awful foul language.

These high school aged children often think that their foul language sounds cool. During my senior year in high school, I was in charge of ordering the senior girls t-shirts. I collected all of the money from the girls and paid for the t-shirts when I picked them up at the store. I was handing them out early during school one day. The girls were all going to get them after school in the cafeteria, but I wanted to help and give out as many as I could earlier. One girl came up to me for her shirt, but I didn??™t have any more of her size with me. I had the rest of the t-shirts out in my car which I was going to get at lunch time. That girl started swearing up a storm because I couldn??™t help her immediately, and then told me that she wanted her money back.

Standing strong, I told her to settle down and that swearing wasn??™t going to help the problem. I gave her the money back for her t-shirt and told her I would have it during lunch or after school like planned. When high school aged children use foul language, they get a habit of using this language. I believe that this language sounds dirty and it usually starts fights. When I rode the bus, I saw a lot of fights.

These fights usually resulted from people calling each other offensive names and using foul language. The bus driver was always on the intercom yelling at the high school aged students to stop their swearing and fighting. The bus driver would pull the bus to the side of the road, and he would have to break up the fight. High school aged children often have younger siblings who look up to them. When I was sitting in a restaurant, I heard a high school aged child talking to his young sibling about what they were going to do while their parents were gone for the weekend. This high schooler was using foul language left and right.

The young sibling replied with some smart remark, including swear words. I couldn??™t believe what I was hearing. I almost went over to that high schooler to tell him that his brother looked up to him. This young sibling was learning and using this awful language just because he wanted to be cool like his older brother. Sometimes this is how the cycle starts as well.

When young children??™s misbehavior isn??™t stopped, the young children too often become uncontrollable middle school and high school students. The cycle just simply keeps going. I hope that Dr.

Phil and other TV show hosts keep encouraging parents to discipline their children early. The only way we will ever overcome this problem is for parents to teach good manners and to control their children in public. The older generations should be respected and when the parents of the young children decide to take control, this will happen.

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