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Introduction The movie Armageddon is a 1998 American disaster film directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The films story is about a group of deep-core drillers that are sent to an asteroid to try and stop the asteroid from impacting the planet earth. The movie stars Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Billy Bob Thornton. (Movieclips.com Armageddon 1998) Production Artists The movie Armageddon was directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The executive producers of the film are Chad Oman, Jim Van Wyck, and Pat Sandston. The visual effects team members are Eric Algren, Chris Anderson, Tony Anderson and Ted Andre. (Imdb.

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com Armageddon 1998) Overall Design Roles Michael Bay admitted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that NASA might be able to do something like this in a similar situation as the movie itself. Though many aerospace scientists beleive that the nuclear weapon would not be enough to break the asteroid in half and that landing on the asteroid itself would be a great deal more complicated than what the movie has imposed. The audience however usually does not pay attention to the realistic aspects of the movie, what gets the audiences attention in the movie is the drama, suspense and the roles of the characters. The production artists wanted to create the drama and lead though the suspense and the roles by coming up with the outstanding plot. (Wikipedia : Armageddon 1998) In the beginning of the movie we see a space shuttle that appears to be in space on a common mission set by NASA. The first sign of suspense that we then see in the movie is a field of asteroids that is earth bound collide with the shuttle and destroying the ship along with the crew that is inside.

With the obvious foreshadowing of soon to be terror the NASA workers determine that a huge asteroid will be colliding with the earth in eighteen days (Armageddon 1998). At this point and time the production artists has gotten the suspense of the movie unfolding very quickly. As the NASA workers are scrambling together to find the best method to save the planet we meet “Harry Stamper” and his crew of oil dwellers. We see Harry and his crew working very hard on what appears to be a very complicated oil digging job.

It is very possible that the production artists wanted the audience to get the general idea that Harry and his crew with their fantastic digging skills might be able to help save our planet. This idea is confirmed in a very short period of time when a couple men in black suits arrive and escort Harry and his daughter to NASA headquarters at which time Mr. Truman approaches Harry and tells them about the soon to be earths doomed fate.

(Movie: Armageddon 1998) In an obvious drama setting that is created by the production artists the audience then sees Harry??™s reaction to being asked to help NASA save the planet. Later on we see more drama when Harry is displeased by the crew that NASA has chosen to help with the space mission and that he would much rather use his own crew. Later on we see more drama unfold when Harry reveals the fate of the planet to his own crew and asks all of them to assist with the mission. With their reactions and unanimous answers we can see that the production team wanted to give the audience the view that Harry??™s crew had excellent aspects involving team work and how great of a crew that Harry really had. Later on in the movie when they are trying to land on the asteroid more suspense happens as a meteorite strikes one of the shuttles and causes it to crash on the asteroid. The only two survivors are AJ (Harry??™s daughters??™ fiance) and the Russian space station cosmonaut.

Getting back to Harry and his crew who land safely on the asteroid begin drilling the very hard asteroid, find it is very difficult to break through. Then something terrible happens again while the crew is drilling they appear to hit a gas pocket which causes the drill machine to break away from the asteroid while Max is inside. This gives the audience the view on how dangerous the asteroid is and the rest of the crew is sadden by Max??™s death.

(Movie: Armageddon 1998) After the crew are saddened by Max??™s death a small vehicle appears on the horizon. We then see that it is AJ who was thought by the crew to be dead. We then can get some hope that the crew has a chance of continuing the mission to save the planet. After AJ whom is working the drilling machine successfully meets the depth requirement, they get the nuclear war head planted and all appears to be going well when the crew notices that the remote detonator has been damaged beyond a quick repair. More drama then unfolds as the crew learns that someone has to stay behind an manually detonate the bomb. (Movie: Armageddon 1998) As the crew are debating on whom should stay behind and detonate the bomb, we notice that the tension between the members of the crew is very intense. They decide to draw straws and we then find out that AJ drew the short straw.

Harry decides to take AJ to the bomb and help him get ready, then he remembers the promise he made to his daughter about coming back home safely and making sure AJ comes back safe also. Harry forces AJ back into the shuttle and decides to do the mission himself but not before having a very dramatic conversation with his daughter over the radio transmission. The production artists at this point has made the audience feel happy that the mission to save the planet will be completed successfully but at the same time the audience feel sad and shocked that Harry will not be returning back to earth. The production staff and writers have done an outstanding job on capturing the emotions of the characters and showing us how important teamwork really is and how sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the better of mankind.ReferencesMovieclips.comhttp://movieclips.com/9Szg-armageddon-movie-videos/IMDBhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120591/Armageddon Wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armageddon_(1998_film)ArmageddonMovie: Armageddon 1998

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