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The above table also helps the audience to understand which product has generated the more money. Tables are the best way of presenting information in columns, rows making sure that all the product detail is grouped neatly. Adherence to legislation: In simple terms this can be described as following the law.

There are many laws, which passed by UK government, which businesses have to follow when preparing and presenting the result of research.Copyright legislation: This law requires the person who is using other people information; to state the name of that person. Not following this law the person whose data has been used can take the action against the person, business who used the data without the permission of his, her.Designs and patents: This area is also covered by the copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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A patent gives the legal right to the inventor (creator) of a new product the right to stop others from making, using or selling that invention, product without the permission of the actual owner.Equal opportunities: The Race Relation Act 1976 was come into existence to encourage every one to treat each other with respect dignity regardless of the colour, religion. This law gives every one the opportunity to be treated fairly. The people who present the information should make sure that they respect individual differences when they ask questions. Employers also have to follows this law when they select people for the interview.”The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international group of business and academic group of business and academic representatives based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology”.

(MIT). Source: BTEC National Business. (Book) People working for this institution create and develop common standards for the World Wide Web, but these people do not have to follow the law of copyright.Communication skills are the skills that are needed to use different methods of communication to interact with other individuals or businesses. All the businesses have to interact with their customers as to find out what their feedback is to the services they have received from the business.

In Tesco the managers of different branches also visit the branches to find out the customer’s feedback, this is to ensure that Tesco is providing the services and products, which customers want.In business communication plays an important role because this is the way in which information is reached from sender to the receiver. Communication can take place in number of forms either formal or informal. Difference between formal and informal communication is that for formal communication certain criteria has to be followed such as when writing the memo, this should be done in a professional way as to avoid any confusion where the meting will be held. In Tesco, memos are often used to let the employees know that the meeting will be on this date at this time.Informal communication is when there are no criteria to be followed, for example when sending the message through the mobile phone, spelling does not matter, and as long as the recipient understands the message it is acceptable. In Tesco manager also communicate with the employees by phoning them to find out how the branch is running, this methods of communication is used in Tesco only when the managers are away from the business.

It is quite important to differentiate that people communicate depending on the level of formality is needed. In businesses managers use both formal and informal way of communication which be in writing or orally. In formal the way managers can communicate is by memorandums, reports, and business letters. Managers also use faxes, text messages (some times) that are informal way of communication. In Tesco both the formal and informal ways are used to communicate with the staff of the business.The use of appropriate methods of communication in Tesco: Effective manager should be able to use appropriate and different methods of communication such as verbal, written and visual to communicate with other employees. In Tesco all the following methods are used.

Managers in Tesco use this method to communicate with the staff. For example when manager want to let the employees know of any changes, they write to staff, so that they can have proof, that the message was sent to the staff. In businesses there have been cases where the written message is difficult for employees to understand, the reason was the language (words), which were used to write the message was difficult to understand for the employees at the operational (bottom) level.

It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that whenever they send a written message to the employees, they should make sure that the employees would understand the message. Verbal communication is the ability to explain and present different future plans and ideas for the business. This is the most effective way of conveying the message, manager use this way of communication all the time however manager should have the capacity to provide a good communication to a particular audience, using different styles and approaches.Telephone communications, casual talk in break, lunchtime. In Tesco this method is used all the time to convey the information from one person to the other.

This method is some times not effective, because there is no proof of what has been said to whom. One example I could give for example, if the manager has set the deadline for the individual employees to finish the task verbally, when the deadline come, the employee has not finished the task, employee easily can say to the manager “you did not set the deadline for me to finish this task”. Whereas if this same message was written, employer, and employee have signed it, then the manger could have this latter as a proof, that the deadline was being set, but you did not finish the task. Having the proof managers also can take necessary actions against the employee, if the need arise.

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