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Celie already, before meeting Shug, has filled her thoughts with obsessive feelings about Shug, whenever she is mention Celie’s ‘ears perk up’ and when it is announced that Shug is coming to town she describes her excitement as ‘the announcement is burning a hole in my pocket’. Therefore all these create an individual status for Shug, it shows that her role is a positive one played for Celie. Shug seems to have offered Celie confidence, happiness and a role of a person Celie dreams to be like. Like Celie mentions ‘someone got to stand up for Shug’Celie is a character that doesn’t seem to be able to divide reality with an imaginary feeling, when Shug comes to stay with them in letter number 22, Celie doesn’t mind when Shug calls her ‘ugly’ which is rather ironic because we expect Celie to be hurt about the fact that Shug her dream woman has called her something which she has been forced to believe. Therefore her state of existence has been portrayed as an ugly person which she now accepts as something normal, therefore this shows that Celie doesn’t really have a mind of her own, she seems to accept people’s words.

She takes care of Shug, whilst Shug behaves insensitively towards her, she doesn’t mind the fact that she has slept with Mr._____. These show that because of her admiration of Shug she doesn’t mind what she has done, she likes to accept her for her originality, she finds Shug’s actions amusing. Celie seems to look up to Shug to provide her love.Shug has been presented as the only one in the book apart from Nettie who can supply Celie the affection, pleasure and the thought of clearing her mind from her recent, past problems, which she needs. It seems that when the start a relationship it helps Celie find her true self and it helps her to be dominated and free to do what she wants even though she the same as before, deep inside herself she believes she has the power to do what she wants. It also shows that Shug’s role has been to create a rebellion inside Celie’s mind because she has the power to choose who she wants to sleep and love. It shows something that would be probably immoral that she has done.

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She didn’t need to follow the rules she was set out by loving Shug.When Jeanette in ‘oranges’ is admitted to hospital her mother doesn’t really know her ole as a mother, she doesn’t spend time with her however Elsie is Jeanette’s main priority. It seems that if Elsie hadn’t visited her she ‘might have languished alone for the rest of the week’ she doesn’t really mention how disappointed she could be because her mother didn’t come to visit a lot. Elsie has been presented as a very close person to Jeanette, someone who tells her ‘jokes to make her smile’ a person that tells her ‘stories to make her feel better’.

Elsie helps her to understand the other side to all the religious deeds that she has been hypnotised so much in depth with. This shows that Elsie tries to tech her many things that she should know about, Jeanette’s too through the person she may look up to so loveably helps her to be rebellious. Elsie teaches her numerology Jeanette’s feels a rush of ‘excitement’ because she knows that her ‘mother would disapprove’ this shows that she doesn’t really care what her mother says, she will do the things she wants behind her back.

Her mother doesn’t seem to hold a parental figure. Jeanette recalls that she and Elsie ‘had a good time’ which shows that Elsie provides happiness and a sagacity of individuality unlike her mother.Jeanette always see Elsie as a person who plays her mothers role because she admits that Elsie has ‘encouraged’ her and has helped her ‘recover confidence’ within herself (‘thanks to her’). She doesn’t see her mother like Elsie, I think that Jeanette would be bothered if Elsie minded something she did, but she doesn’t think it matters if her mother disagrees with something.

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