Decision making for teens with ADHD

Review of literature

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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has impulsivity
as of its symptoms. Impulsivity means the person with ADHD tends to act without
careful thought and visualize the consequences of his actions.(Yates, 2017).

As affirmed by The National Institute of Health, impulsivity
causes a person to make an impetuous decision with no forethought of the
consequences that leads him make crucial decisions without consideration of the
long term consequences.

In study, using functional magnetic resonance imaging(fMRI)
machine, the brain scans report that the medial prefrontal cortex of the person
with ADHD is not the same with the person who does not have ADHD. The learning
appear in less than half a second that hinders the capability of the person
with ADHD to process his/her decision and makes the wrong choices.(Olson,2014)

Teens with ADHD regarded have an impulsive behaviour. It
leads them to engage in risky behaviour. The researcher found that teens with
ADHD is more probably using alcohol and drugs because of lack of decision
making skills.(Patino,2014) Teens with ADHD are also has a problem dealing with
traffic laws. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry conforms that
teens with ADHD have increase estimation of car accidents and speed tickets. It
might be their poor decision and lack of impulse control. Teens with ADHD are
also known has difficulty to be successful in school, it might be the
interruption in the class such as often talk excessively, can’t remained
unseated  and runs in inappropriate
situation. Last, sexual impulsivity, studies have found the higher rate of
accidental pregnancy and sexual activity at the earlier age of teens with of
ADHD.(Bilkey, 2013)

Although the lack of ability to make a good decision. Teens
with ADHD are still capable to learn and make favourable decisions if
appropriate medications and strategies are applied.(Butler, 2017)



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