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Last updated: August 29, 2020

“Whenever you are ten feet away from a customer you must greet them and ask them if they need any assistance.” At Asda, they have a policy called ‘the ten foot rule’. Whenever a member of staff comes within ten feet of a customer, they are supposed to greet them and ask them if they need any assistance. This shows their intentions of meeting customer expectations but from personal experience, this act is not always carried out. Very few times has this been done to me. Maybe if they stuck to their promises they would be the perfect supermarket chain.Another example of false promises is the well-advertised roll back plan.

They say that 60% of their prices are cheaper than any of their rivals. I did some research and went to two of Asda’s main rivals (Tesco and Safeway), and bought some typical weekly shopping items. I bought a loaf of Warburtons regular bread, a litre carton of whole milk and a packet of original flavoured Pringles.

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For the Warburtons Asda charge 64p. At Tesco it was 61p and at Safeway it was 58p. For the litre of whole milk Asda charge 67p. Tesco charge 59p and Safeway charge 63p. For the Pringles Asda charged 1.

39. Tesco charge 1.09 and Safeway charge 1.17.

Asda need to re-evaluate their angle of selling instead of telling what they think we want to hear. If they’re going make claims of unbeatable prices they need to make them stand up.?Throughout their stores, Asda have credit facilities. Externally, cash points are positioned near the entrance for quick easy access. Internally, a bank with banking facilities is provided. This is ideal because there aren’t any banking facilities within a kilometre radius so people can use these without having to travel far.

 At the customer desk, as well as the refund service, a range of services and schemes are offered. One of these is ‘shopping chums’. This where a member will assist around the store, push your trolley and reach high shelves if needed. The point of this is to make your shopping trip less stressful.Feedback- On the information desk, are both questionnaires on Asda and feedback sheets.

The main aims of these are to get the publics opinion on Asda. The questionnaires are to see where customers rate Asda on the supermarket chain chart. It asks questions like ‘what are the staff like?’, ‘do you like our range and choice of food?’, ‘is everything easy to find?, ‘are our prices reasonable?’. The feedback sheets ask for the customer’s suggestions on improvements to the store to make it complete. It was because of the feedback that Asda introduced a wide selection of trolleys.

It just goes to show our opinion does count.

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