Sustainable design initiatives in the society

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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Man has evolved throughout the centuries. It is not surprising, therefore, that the environment where he lives in has also evolved with humanity. Through science and technology, the modern world has been born. Technology and innovation still surges forward though we cannot see the process and yet we benefit from it. Truly, man has benefited from the inventions and development that science and technology offered.

Nevertheless, do our surroundings have also gained something from this incessant development? We may not notice it but nature has suffered much from the many industrial and commercial modernization of man’s way of living.Yet, it is not too late. Many organizations are aiming for an extensive call to initiate sustainable lifestyles. Sustainability is what we need in times like these were everywhere around us, the world keeps getting more and more entropy. Looking at history itself, we cannot deny that it is man who started all the destruction in the world today. In Borgmann’s essay, he reiterated the development of cooking from the discovery of fire up to the invention of electric stoves and microwave ovens.

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Naturally, man has made life easier for himself, yet he never really thought of the effect it brings to the environment around him.Designers of the stove incorporated so much to the modern day stove that somehow was not actually necessary. They have seen what modern technology has done to households and they strive to make development go on by their products. Products are then sought after and loved but not everyone benefits.

What about nature? The impacts of reckless technology can decrease our society’s sustainability. If there is one good way for designers to do, they should find ways to create products that can somehow boost the world’s sustainability.One example of this technology is the cyberspace, the internet or the World Wide Web. Borgmann pointed out that someday, books and journals and other printed material will cease to exist because of cyberspace.

He saw it as a liability since design is important in presenting a book. However, this can be considered sustainability. Without books, paper will not be needed and fewer trees will be cut down, thus, owing us sustainability. It is thus best to be careful on what we can give our society and nature; we should not only take note of articulation but most especially of sustainability with fashion.

Eugenics has caused a variety of reactions to society. Some considered it sustainability yet others question its ethical implications. Sustainability truly can be seen upon application of eugenics, which strives to produce perfect human beings that the world actually needs. By using science and technology, they can manipulate the reproduction of man with only desirable traits. This can be done and yet, ethical issues arise with this endeavor. How can one still call a human being produced from eugenics if he is a perfect man much like a robot?It is true that eugenics can decrease the waste irresponsible men have and yet if one will pursue that this is so, freedom of a person and uniqueness of each human being will be compromised. In addition, it is believed that genes are not the only factors that define a man.

The way a human being is brought up and the culture he lives in affects his ideologies and principles. Thus, there is no assurance that by controlling reproduction of human beings through eugenics will result to a perfect world. In fact, this can be dangerous because ethics are violated for the sake of making a world free from defective human beings.

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