5.1.1 in respect to their qualifications and experience.

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5.1.1 HR Planning ProcessFollowing phases are consists in NUST duringHR planning process:·        Head of departmentdrives the requisition to HR department·        HR department askswith the concerned department about their needs·        HR department againsends requisition to the CEO for more approvals·        After CEO’s approvalHR department is organizes with concerned department  5.1.2FORECASTING HR REQUIREMENTSDemand forecastAt NUST the requesting manager is responsible for determining andcompleting a need analysis for personnel addition or replacementIn case of internal hiring HR manager use to announce an internal vacancyand after receiving resume they use to evaluate it and an assessment committeeis formed and all candidates use to appear before it and that committee takesthe evaluation decisions.

In case of external hiring HRD use to advertise the post and collect theresume.5.1.3 METHODS TOFORECAST HR NEEDSDEMANDFORECASTINGa)     Quantitative ApproachesNUST is using trend analysis approach for demandforecasting. They use to analyze the past experience and compare them withcurrent trend and situation for estimating future needs.b)    Qualitative ApproachesWhenever they use to launch a new product they useto forecast there needs they use to review their past experience to estimate HRneeds and then experts meet face to face to estimate there demand forecastingand after exchanging their ideas they use to decide their expected demand.                       5.

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2  EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONNUST is using both internal and externalsources of recruitment. Some major sources of internal and external are asfollowing:InternalRecruitment sources Transfers Promotions Upgrading Demotions Retired EmployeesExternalSources Press advertisements Educational institutes Placement agencies/outsourcing Employment exchanges Employee referrals 5.2.2EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCESSFor selecting acandidate, NUST HR department is using the following steps. They use to screen the applications, where the available applications are reviewed to shortlist applicants in respect to their qualifications and experience.

After screening, they use to prepare for interview, HRD use to prepare the interview schedule and then they mail interview call letters to the candidates. 3.     Then after finalizing the selection, either theyuse to inform selected candidate by Phone or by letter and invites him to comeand fill required forms to effect the employment.           5.3 TRAININGAND DEVELOPMENT5.

3.1       TRAININGNEED ASSESSMENTNUST training and development staff uses to identify training needamong all departments. They use to identify the areas where employees needtraining. NUST is using three levels of needs assessment: organizationalanalysis, task analysis and individual analysis.ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS Before designing any training programs company use to analyze the impact on operating costs.

Then they use to analyze the organizational goals and resources available like material on hand, money and available expertise within the organization.Task analysis NUST is using avariety of sources for collecting data for a task analysis such as trainers areusing job descriptions to identify the requirement of training. Organizationuse to give training to the newly hired employees in order to help them inunderstanding their job descriptions in a better way.  INDIVIDUAL ANALYSIS ·        Tteam use to talk to manager, supervisor and employee and also they ask employeeabout what he/she believes he/she needs to learn.·        Theyuse to conduct Attitude surveys to measures morale, motivation, satisfaction. 5.3.

2 EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENTEmployeedevelopment is continuous process in the NUST. Different kinds of trainingprograms are conducting throughout the year in the NUST. On contrary, NUST hasalso designed knowledge management system in which the employee shares theirskill, information and expertise with other employees.

For conduct the trainingdevelop in the NUST following mediums are used:·        Orientations·        In-houseTraining·        ExternalTraining Course5.4 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTFor performance management of employees,CCL pharmaceutical use to plan what level of performance is required then aftersetting their standards, they monitor the performance of the employee. If thereis some requirement of developing new skills then they give training and thenperiodically rate the performance and finally they use to reward the goodperformers.5.4.1SETTING PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONSAt NUST HR departmentheads use to write down the specific responsibilities for a particular job. Tomeasure the performance they use to set targets and time line to meet thosetargeted tasks.

After completion of tasks they use to compare the expectedtime, performance and result with the targeted ones.5.4.2 HOWPERFORMANCE REPORTS ARE WRITTENIn NUST performance reports are written by keeping in viewthe following limits:Quality of work… At this point NUST use to check the qualitythat how effective work is being done. They use to check whether the desiredoutput is achieved or not?Team work….How much a person is performing while working as ateam. They use to check whether that person has strength to work in a group andhow they use to coordinate with in team.

Motivational energy….After giving incentives and appreciationthey use to check the motivational energy of employee.5.5 EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION ANDBENEFITNUST has twoclassifications of jobsExemptNUST Professionals, management and other skilled jobs areincluded in it. Exempt jobs get a fixed salary on per month basis and receivehigher compensation and benefits.Non-ExemptUnskilled or entry level jobs are non-exempt jobs and theyare usually paid on weekly bases and get paid overtime, extra pay for hoursworked.5.5.

1 TYPES OF COMPENSATIONNUST is offering following benefits and compensations totheir employees:§  Basic Pay §  MedicalAllowance§  Bonus andPromotion §  Public holidaysand other Leaves §  Mess facilities §  Travel andHousing Allowance 5.6 ORGANIZATIONAL CAREERMANAGEMENT5.6.1 EMPLOYEEJOB CHANGESOncein a while the employee changes the job with the other association or insidethe present association.

It is the part of their profession advancement andchange in the employment represents to the job rotation.Job changes with the organizationAt NUST job changing is processed inthree different waysPROMOTIONSNUST is utilizing Promotions in light of legitimacy, propelspecialists who are best met all requirements for the position, instead ofthose with the best status.TRANSFERNUST management is considering the followingpoints while transferring 1.     An employee who wishes to be transferred has tomake a written request to his or her department head.2.     As per company policy whenever an employeerequesting to transfer between departments, he must have to give interview, andalso require written approval of the department administrator concerned.

 DEMOTIONIn NUST anemployee may be demoted, subject to the approval of the department head and theassistant HR managerPROCEDURE OFDEMOTION AT CCLA departmenthead submits the recommendation that an employee has to be demoted. Managementuse to give notice of demotion at least 15 days before its effective date andalso give the reasons for the demotion to the employee who is subject todemotion.5.

6.2 SEPARATIONFROM THE ORGANIZATIONSeparation isthe termination of jobs, to disconnect the employee from the organization. Itis done with layoffs, termination, resignation and retirement.LAYOFFIn layoff process CCL management, keep in mindthat a layoff involves eliminating positions, not people. When they have distinguished the position to be killed theydoing reported examination for representatives who could conceivably meet allrequirements to play out the rest of the work, they use to figure out who theminimum qualified individual is and after that they use to lay off thatlaborer.TERMINATIONAt NUST end for the most part happensbecause of poor occupation performance, absence of “fit” with theassociation, failure to perform work obligations and wrongdoing.

When an employee has to be terminate thenin the next step they use to prepare an information package for the terminatedemployee that outlines all elements of any severance package and otherbenefits. RESIGNATIONIn NUST whenever a permanent employee resigns hehas to give resignation on one month prior notice. The resignation shall statethe reason for the resignation and the desired effective date.

. Then theresignation is submitted to the Top manager. The top managers and board ofdirectors has the right to accept or reject the resignation.RETIREMENT:As per company policy any employee who plans toretire has to submit his or her resignation to the C.E.O. Employees areencouraged to submit the resignation and application form at least ninety daysin advance of the retirement date and after approval their retirement check isissued the second month following the last month of service with the company.

6.     LABOR MANAGEMENTRELATIONSKeeping in mind the end goal to make a relationship of sharedtrust and regard amongst work and administration, faculty administration isdirected with fundamental standards: Creating a workplace environment where employees can work with trust. Creating a mechanism for promoting constant and voluntary initiatives in continuous improvements Promoting teamwork aimed at pursuit of individual roles and optimization of the entire team. 

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