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Last updated: July 24, 2019

5.1Conclusion: Asin this research we are studying the factors which affect the internet shoppingbehavior of consumers in Karachi, in this study theory of planned behavior isused using the questionnaire we have collected the responses of 169 of agebetween 18 to 60 and we have applied statistical test which includeReliability, Factor Analysis, Regression Analysis, Convergent and DiscriminantValidity and Path coefficient and we come to know that person’s intention is influenced by attitude andsubjective norm. We developed and empirically validated a model ofconsumers’ relational purchasing behavior in an online shopping context. Thekey affecting factors of user interface quality, product and serviceinformation quality, security perception and site awareness were found to havesignificant effects on consumer’s site commitment. Furthermore, we investigatedwhether information satisfaction and relational benefit play a significantmediating role on consumers’ relationship purchasing behavior.

In an onlineshopping context, the information feature of a shopping site was validated tobe an important factor determining consumers’ site loyalty and decision-makingin terms of whether or not they will shop at the store. This emphasizes theimportance of product information quality and user interface design in theonline shopping site development. Other attributes of an online store were alsofound to influence a consumer’s perceived relational benefits from onlineshopping. Service information quality was found to be the most important factoramong them. Although our findings provide meaningful implications for onlinestores, our study has several limitations. First, the use of selfreportedscales to measure both independent and dependent variables suggests thepossibility of a common method bias for the results.

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Second, since, althoughour model considers online store attributes as factors affecting consumerpurchase behavior, since other factors such as price and promotion (e.g.loyalty program, price discount rate) were not included, we cannot explain theeffect of price sensitivity and loyalty program on consumer purchase behaviorwith our model. Third, although this study has been conducted at the individuallevel of analysis, our sample data was collected from the customer-base of onlythree companies. So we may not exclude the possibility that the lack oforganizational variance may have affected our result.  5.2 Recommendations: ·        Those businessman andmanagers who are affiliated to online business should study the attitude andsubjective norms of their consumers in order to increase the consumers purchaseintention.

·        For future research, itis worthwhile focusing on the differences in consumer behavior according toproduct diversification and breadth of service domain. Moreover it is alsoworthwhile to conduct a comparative research on the differences of consumerbehavior between off-line stores and online stores.·        Further study shouldalso be conducted on consumers’ relational behavior, and the differentialeffect of trust, commitment, and information satisfaction on purchasingbehavior between relationship orientedcustomers and transaction-oriented customers in an online shopping context.·        Anumber of limitations and recommendations for future research can be suggested.

One potential limitation is the student sample, which is unlikely to representthe wider population. Further, the research did not control for the possibilitythat respondents may have heard about the company before via advertising, otherknowledge, or from other people, causing bias and leading to some formed trustbeliefs about the company. ·        Being low priced andlow touch items, also do not represent all kinds of companies and products ingeneral. Future research could collect a broader, more controlled sample anduse a greater variety of products. ·        Prospective researchcould also investigate elements influencing consumers’ subsequent purchasebehaviours, such as product quality, delivery methods, and after-sales service.·        Further research mayalso examine other possible determinants affecting online initial trust, suchas marketing tactics, product varieties, price ranges, online service, websitequality, and levels of convenience (time savings and/or the speed oftransaction processes). Buildingonline trust is an essential component for vendors to succeed in an e-commerceenvironment – where transactions are more impersonal and anonymous – as thisaffects consumers’ purchase intentions.

In e-commerce, shoppers cannot directlyexperience goods (with a few digital exceptions), and they make purchasedecisions based on the information provided by online retailers as well as fromtheir perceptions of websites.

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