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Last updated: September 11, 2019

5 Easy DIY Nail Art DesignsNail art is an artistic and fun way to decorate nails. It’s an ultimate way to accessorize and beautify you. There are assorted techniques to jazz up your nails with exclusive nail art decor. Even a simple nail art, adds a touch of glamour and class to your casual looks. It has achieved hell lot of popularity and now is trending part of fashion.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now! Revamp those pale, dull nails with these gorgeous DIY nail designs and be the talk of the town.  Here are some easy nail art designs for both short and long nails. 1.      French Nail ArtIt is a very old technique to paint your nails and is loved by almost every woman. This nail art if done properly look very clean and sophisticated.

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In Acrylic French nail designs, the base of the nail is kept natural and the nail tips are painted in crisp white colour. French nail art looks very feminine and elegant. It can be paired with any traditional or western dress. This art is way too costly when done by professionals. You can do it at home with ordinary nail paints and save money.1.      Nail Art Decals and StickersIt’s an all-new “funky way” to embellish your nails marvellously. This nail art requires very less effort to be done.

There is a great assortment of these stickers and decals available in the market. However, one should know the correct placement of these stickers properly on the nails.  “Take good care of the nails to give a healthy and tidy look and appear more gracious with the nail art done on them”                                                                           2.     Stencil Nail ArtOne can use stencils as DIY nail art method. The stencils are implanted on the dry coat of nail paint and act as the background for the image of the stencil. Then, the entire nail is painted with different coloured nail paint. After some time, when the paint dries, the stencil is removed. As a result, the pattern similar to the stencil is obtained.

1.     WaterMarble Nail Art TechniqueNowadays, this technique is intrend. Well, the marbling nail art technique is implemented by adding nailpolish into a basin of water and slightly swirling (moving in a twistingpattern). As a result of it, you get a cool-looking marble effect on your nailsby dipping fingers in the water. Generally, this technique looks tricky butit’s simple once you get hands on it!Marble nail art designs don’t take much time, all you need is water andnail polish of your choice!2.    TapingNail ArtThis nail art is quite easy todo yourself.

Initially, a base colour is applied to the nails. Then, the smallpieces of the tape are applied to those areas of nails which are to be left inthe base colour itself. After this, the next coat of the colour is applied tothe unified nail.

Lastly, take away the tape softly.    

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