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Last updated: September 21, 2019

5 Best Job Opportunities after DistanceEducation for 2018It is never too early or too late to start thinking aboutyour next professional move. But how does one determine the perfect job forthemselves? By following the clearest job trends of the year. The year 2018 will not only include more human interaction,focus on upskilling and re-training workers, artificial intelligence implant inthe work place but also provide better placements for students.

A major concern that students have is when they contemplatepursuing a distanceeducation degree as the value of any other degree. This happens when itcomes to thinking about employment opportunities. If a student plans oninvesting their time, money and sweat into learning from a course, he/sheexpects it to give them a good return.

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And usually, good returns means goodplacements and job offers. This is something new that the year 2018 has instore for us. Let us now talk about the scope of distance education (online)and the job opportunities following it. Scope ofDistance Education Distance education has an enormous scope. Most of the distance education universitiestoday offer “placement cells” that actively provide placement seats forstudents in reputed multinational organization, government jobs, privatesectors, et cetera.

Let us look at a few promising job opportunities forstudents who have a degree in a course under distance education. 5 mostpromising jobs of 2018: 1.     FinancialAnalyst- Asthe financial industry grows in size and complexity, so will the demand foranalysts, particularly at mutual funds. Financial analysts provide guidance tobusinesses and individuals making investment decisions. They assess theperformance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. According toboston.com, the projected increase in 2018 is 41.

2 percent. For this job,financial analysts are required to have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree inBusiness Management.  2.      Networksystem and Data Communication Analyst- This profession will grow because, asbusinesses implement more with newer technology, more professionals will beneeded to monitor efficiency and set up networks. According to boston.com, theprojected increase in 2018 is 53.4 percent.

Most jobs require a bachelor’sdegree, although some only require a two-year degree in a course that involveslearning practical technicalities.  3.      BusinessAnalyst- Theyhelp guide and improve how business management members encourage better collaborationwithin departments. Those who desire to work as a BI analyst should demonstratea strong understanding of managerial and professional skill sets. They shouldbe well versed in many different aspects of business administration.

Skills forthis job are well practiced in educational institutes. Online courses ofBusiness Management in bachelor or masters help manage these set ofprofessional skills.  4.      Medicalassistants- Themedical industry is expected to expand because of technological advances andthe growing elderly population. As the health care industry expands, morepractices and clinics requiring large support staffs are opening. A one-yearcertificate or two-year associate’s degree program is often required, butmedical assistants also receive specific on-the-job training from theiremployer. This certificate or degree is provided by bachelors or masters onlinecourses of Healthcare industry. The projected increase for this job in 2018 is 3.

9percent.  5.      InformationTechnology (IT) Consultant- Everyone from local start-ups to the Fortune500 companies need IT consultants to help them figure out the cheapest andfastest ways to run computers better. This job profile ranks amongst the top 10job profiles on CNN’s most recent Best Jobs list. Being an IT consultant is asvague as it sounds. For this job, one needs to evaluate the systems and do theresearch that no one else entirely understands. A bachelor’s degree in computerscience definitely helps. The online course of IT provides one with the rightskills to leverage the opportunity in IT.

   These jobs areout of the very many that are the most demanded in the coming year of 2018. Isthe distance education inIndia at par with any other degree course? It is! Because, employmentopportunities and jobs in India after distance learning is equally very vast.Courses offered under the field of technology, business management &administration, journalism and healthcare provide with the managerial andprofessional set of skills for the 5 most promising jobs mentioned above. Notonly the students opt for this mode of education but the working class does aswell. So, say yes to attain a degree orcertificate curriculum that you know will outshine your skills that arerequired for your ideal career job in 2018.


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