5. the equipment with Staff members ONLY. several

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  5.      Full Deployment-Activate ACS and Distribution of Access Cards            access card will be distributed.

           of the new Access Control System. Email when explain about the ACS and when        5.  Announcements-Send emails and correspondences out to inform students and staff                         4.  Soft-Deployment-Test run on the equipment with Staff members ONLY.

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several test runs on the system before full deployment. 3.      Transition Period-After Installation and Configuration, ACS Team will perform  2.      Proximity Cards-College dorm must configure these cards for the student’s access.

Most colleges should already have student’s IDs in file, so just import that information into the ACS server for the Access Control List. D. Execution 1.

      ACS server and software setup for credentials on proximity reader and access control list. C.     Configuration  4.      Reposition of the cameras to face the readers 3.      Readers on doors mains, side, bedroom, and maintenance 2.

      Wires needed for telecom (RJ45 or RG6)1.      Control panel B.     Installationb.      Check the compatibility with the ACSa.

       Check camera for proper operation ie. No damage or wear4.      Investigate security system that will be integrated c.       Visual design of where the security camera face at the card reader locationb.      Visual design of outside the dormitorya.       Visual design of inside the dormitory3.      Create the design of the ACSc.       Existing security camera locationsb.

      Control panel locationa.       Card reader location2.      Survey the college dorm 1.      Create the ACS team to complete job tasksA.

    Preparation Tasks The project scope to accurately install Access Control System (ACS) that will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic proximity reader and must with the existing camera system. The existing security system is designed to face and rotate to record a person as they use their ID card to unlock dormitory doors. The system will allow for better security at the school only allowing in the allowed students and faculty. The new ACS must not interfere with the already installed security cameras and must completely coincide with them. Project Scope Statement 

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