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Last updated: September 6, 2020

Socio-Cultural – Global level Unique to ASDA is the GEORGE fashion range launched in 1990 when George Davies, founder of the Next chain of high street stores, joined the business. George works with approximately 200 suppliers in the UK, Europe and across the world. Three food and non-food brands were developed by an Anglo-German new product development team have been introduced to ASDA. The team has created an European portfolio of products that represent the best of ASDA and Wal-Mart’s food experience.The Wal-Mart European brands team will help the environment by reducing packaging wherever possible. Both ASDA and Wal-Mart Germany will pick the products best suited for their customers from the new ranges.

Technological – Local/National level ASDA is trying to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the siting and construction of ASDA’s stores. The technological impact is by using the latest construction technology to minimise raw materials and energy used in construction. ASDA is reducing energy in their stores and also investing in renewable energy sources.ASDA is running a number of innovative alternative energy trials, and introducing the latest energy saving technologies into stores and distribution centres. Another technological advance introduced a few years ago is shopping via the Internet.

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People now use the Internet system to do their shopping rather than visiting the store. The Internet shopping can be more useful for customers such as for families, because if both couples work and not have time to visit the store, and also shopping can be delivered to their homes.Also Internet shopping can be useful for pregnant women, retired/pensioners and disabled people, who have difficulty in travelling. The above aspects also apply to the global level due to ASDA being part of the Wal-Mart family, which is a large organisation spread across the world; although Wal-Mart stores will have more technological advancements. For more information on ASDA, refer to appendices 1-8, and/or visit the website at www. asda.

co. uk. ConclusionASDA is a well-established organisation and communicating well with their customers and have made a lot of improvements. As ASDA has joined the Wal-Mart family, ASDA stores are working much more better and making more profits from a large number of customers due to attracting more customers to achieve both of the ASDA and Wal-Mart products under one roof.

ASDA has more socio-cultural and economic aspects and ASDA’s main competitors would be stores like Tesco, Sainsbury, Kwik Save, etc.

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