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Of course after this incident he began to recall things that seemed sketchy before, about the government. He figures out The Party had everyone of Oceania brainwashed. Naturally he would now become even more afraid about the Thought Police. Since now he assumed that he knew the truth. So his thoughts are running though his head about hating Big Brother. Now he must find a way to hide his real feelings.

Because a simple look twitch in a conversation could reveal his real feeling to the Party members, that would turn him in to the Thought Police. The Party has so much control because they have brainwashed the people of Oceania.The people of Oceania know that some of the things The Party says are incorrect but they have been filled so much with Big Brother that their real conscious is blocked. That is how much power the Party has.

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And is probably how they control the people of Oceania well and still are controlling them. The Party has made the people of Oceania afraid to think. So they just don’t think. This quote relates to the theme of the book, by the danger of totalitarianism.

Orwell shows that for totalitarianism to work and be accepted is if the government brainwashes its people.Which is a downside to totalitarianism, because obviously people wouldn’t want to be brainwashed. Another downside of the government controlling everything that Orwell shows in the novel 1984 is being afraid to think or to express your real feelings. There is no freedom of thought. Either that or the people of Oceania have been brainwashed so much to be afraid of thinking or having different feelings then the model party member.

“When we’ve finished with it, people like you will have to learn it all over again. You think our chief job is inventing new words…. We’re cutting the language down to the bone.The Eleventh edition won’t contain a single word that will become obsolete before the year 2050.

” (Orwell 45) This quote was said by one of Winston’s “comrades”, Syme, to Winston. Syme is working on a new newspeak dictionary and is explaining to Winston that they are getting rid of so many words that the older generation would have to learn it because it would come to be a foreign language to them. Why would the people of Oceania go through all the trouble of learning a new language? Because the Party has said that it is a much easier language then the previously used old English.

The words of newspeak are cut down. Such as it doesn’t consist of the word bad, the language uses prefixes and suffixes for antonyms of words, the word for bad is ungood. So therefore there is no need for the word bad or any other synonyms of bad. Also to get a stronger version of the word such as good it would be “plusgood” or “doubleplusgood”, and that would make obsolete words like “splendid” and “excellent”. That is how Syme is “cutting the language down to the bone”. Since The Newspeak language was really made to less express ones thoughts and have less meaning.The Party has made the language to be specific and to have no creativity to ones speaking. The Party is manipulating people by leaving them with not enough words to express their feelings or thoughts.

And since they cant express them the people must think they not exist and forget about them. The Party’s goal for Newspeak is for the language to require less thought when speaking. So when a Party member is asked a question the Party member wouldn’t have to spend time to think of words to say, they would just spit out words automatically, sort of like a robot.

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