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Last updated: September 8, 2020

I thought when Mark Hutchinson who played Eddie was a child he wasn’t as effective compared to Mickey, as he was a little too subtle but, he dominated the play with a confident attitude.

He showed he had come from an upper class family from his appearance and voice. I found Louisa Lydell who played Mrs Lyons was very convincing when she was showing her fear for when she thought Eddie had gone. She had a very persuasive tone of voice.I think the climax of the play was when Mickey when into jail and started taking Anti-depressants as he had gone from a bubbly character with a care free life to a dull, lifeless miserable man. I Think when it came to the climax the pace change from a fast flowing play to a slow play as you didn’t want to know what was going to happen as it would be bad. I think another climax of the play was the sound of the gunshot and when the policeman came running in.

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I liked the way they could change the set from the city to the countryside by making it brighter and changing the music changed the whole environment. The lights helped change the mood as well. As when there was danger the lights would slowly change to red and when there was fear it would change to blue. The props and costumes used were simple and effective they showed the period of the play well. When they were children Eddie was always neat and had clean clothes and Mickey had scruffy old and dirty clothes this also showed their Social status very well.The lighting showed the atmosphere well as you knew when it was day or night easily. Spotlights were used a lot of the time to catch your attention. For example when there was narration.

This was a good factor of the play. The Philip Stewart always seemed to dominate the play as his was always higher then the other actors to show his was ‘watching’ down on them. I thought the beginning was very effective as you didn’t know what was happening then it all unravelled at the end.I thought the play was very good and really enjoyed I have mixed emotions on parts of the play. I didn’t really think that Mr Lyons was as effective as the other actors and actresses and he didn’t put as much enthusiasm as the other performers.

I think the director wanted to use a variety of moods to keep you ‘glued’ to the play. Overall I really did enjoy the play and if I have the chance I would go and see it again. I think this play would appeal to all ages. When the play finished it was obvious that everyone else enjoyed the play as much as I did.

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