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Last updated: September 10, 2020

Emni Restaurant is an Indian cuisine in a sophisticated environment since October 2006. Emni restaurant is ideally situated on Upper Street, just off Camden Passage, the Antiques Mall and the Business Design Centre and only two minutes from the Angel Tube Station in Islington.

Emni restaurant has a lot of competitors because there are more other restaurants near by. There are also other railways near by such as, the Barbican, Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras International Rail.The location of Emni restaurant is good for business as it is placed in a more obvious area and where customers can be aware of where it is. Emni has many customers, but not all their customers live in Islington, (where it is located), but it is simply located there for the transport, which is Angel Station. Emni restaurant has a good market, as it is situated next to an antiques shop, so the customers from the antiques shop will be induced to go into Emni’s at lunch or when they are out doing an outing meal. These customers will choose Emni over any other restaurant because of its locality and the fact that they serve tributary people.Emni’s manager, Mr. Hannan sees it as a disadvantage that they are located on the more restrained and duller side of Upper Street.

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Most of the exciting activities on Upper Street take place on the other side of Emni. This is a disadvantage, as it draws less attention to them and eventual customers might not be aware of it. Emni does not operate in a vacuum and are surrounded by lots of pubs and newsagent shops. This is seen as a disadvantage because when there is a football tournament, or any other kind of events happening customers will prefer to eat and drink at pubs rather than going to eat in restaurants.

Another disadvantage of Emni’s location is its lack of space. It is impossible for Emni to expand without moving location because Emni doesn’t have an adjoining building which can be knocked down as these buildings are taken by other businesses. Even though, moving to a different location to expand the business could have a positive effect on Emni’s, such as brand awareness and more customers.It’s a good idea that Emni has two floors because the second floor can be used for private functions such as engagements, birthday parties, and any other special occasions, whilst the restaurant can run as normal on the ground floor for any other potential customers.

It is not suitable for Emni to build more floors for dining because this could mean more staff will have to be hired for each floor and more furniture. On the other hand, Emni’s doesn’t require much space as they are an exclusive market.It is unlikely that Emni will face recruiting problems because Islington has many colleges and universities such as City ; Islington Sixth Form College, centre for Applied Science and City University London. Students will be eager for part-time jobs therefore Emni’s emptiness will always be full if jobs are advertised well.

Emni already have chefs that the manager specifically brought back from India to cook food and the manager is also giving them adjustments, as a result the only job that Emni can offer students are jobs as waiters. Being a waiter is seen as an unpopular job amongst youths but students find it easy to apply for these jobs because you don’t need many qualifications to be a waiter, all you need is a good level of English.Although transport is good and Emni is not in the congestion charge area, suppliers may find it hard to deliver their materials to Emni because there is no parking area nearby.

Emni is positioned on a red route lane which can only be used by buses; therefore there is a huge distance between parking area and Emni. This could also affect customers dining at Emni during the evening as some customers will find it uncomfortable to walk through streets and alley-ways in the dark. Whereas other customers won’t find it a big issue because they don’t like to drive after they consumed a lot of alcohol and would prefer to travel by public transport.External factors can enormously affect the success or the failure of a business. Emni considered all external factors before locating its first branch on Upper Street. We know that Emni must have scanned the external environment in the form of SLEPT analysis by the way the managers of Emni dealt with the Social, Legal, Economic, Political, and Technological factors.

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum and must be prepared for changes in the external environment. After I analyzed the way the business runs and how Emni considers the external environment, I found that Emni dealt with each of the factors in the following ways:SOCIAL FACTORS:Emni targets to provide authentic Indian food for middle-class people and as India is becoming more differentiated, people will be more familiar with Indian culture. The majority of people living there are aged 25-30; they are very highly educated and earn high salaries. The reason why the people living in the area are aged 25-30 is because housing with mortgage in the area is low, as property is really expensive so most of the properties are being rented out to students. This means that local people will be able to afford the food that Emni provides as income in the area is really high.The percentage of couples with children in the area is a low amount.

Emni used this to their advantage because they know that couples with children have more responsibilities and will therefore not have enough money to spend on leisure. On the other hand, it is proven that couples with a high level of education are less likely to have many children as they will like to develop their careers.Emni is a seasonal business as they make more profit during occasions like Christmas, New Years and Valentines etc. This is part of the external environment so Emni adjusts to this change, for example, during Christmas Emni employ more waiters and order more supplies, because there will be more people going in to the restaurant. Even though Emni doesn’t just serve people who live in the area, but by locating it in Islington, it sets the idea of what kind of people Emni exists to provide for.

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