Apparently an arena which requires expertise to quickly

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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Apparently payroll services are easyto handle but as a matter of fact it is an arena which requires expertise toquickly process through payroll related paperwork and taxes. Venus AccountingLLC renders the payroll services through a panel of professionals whospecializes in payroll management and will keep you abreast with the changingregulations to ensure the accurate and correct filing of your payroll. Ourprofessionals have expertise in Medicare, Social Security, workman’scompensation, and federal, state and local tax regulations.

We are committed toproviding customized payroll preparation service to your company as per itsparticular needs.Some of the payroll services provided by us are listedbelow:?      Payroll Preparation?      Unemployment claims?      W-2 and W-3 preparation?      Worker’s compensation audits?      1099 preparation?      Federal and state payroll taxfilings?      Employee payslips?      Monthly summaries?      Departmental reports?      Dealing with leavers and starters?      Real Time Information (RTI) PAYEreturns for the revenue.?      Assistance with automated paymentsetup to your employees?      CIS returns completed by us

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