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Last updated: September 19, 2019

Key Grip The manyresponsibilities of a Key Grip include; lifting, carrying, moving,transporting, rigging, operating, building and placing the equipment where itis needed. The Key Grip takes orders from the director of photography.

Peoplewho find themselves in this career are usually a mix of mechanic, carpenter,rigger and electrician. They also look after a group of other grips.  TransportationCaptain Transportationcaptains are in charge of moving the cast and key crew members from place toplace while staying on schedule. They oversee all of the drivers who driveeveryone and get them where they need to be, whether that be to and fromshooting locations, editing suites or production offices or press events.

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 SetDresser A setdresser is someone who helps create the set before a shoot. They arrange thedifferent objects the way they need to be. They work under both the setdirector and the leadman. They help put the inside of the set together byhelping to arrange the furniture, or decorate the set. They also do some smallconstruction pieces, though not much.

 HomeEconomist A home economist is someone who prepares thefood for set, the food they create is the food that you see on screen 

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