5th Grade Poetry Vocabulary

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Last updated: December 13, 2019
three line poem that is written 5, 7, 5 syllables

silly 5 lined poem whose rhyming pattern is AABBA and usually begins “There once was…”

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Free Verse
a poem that follows no rules

Rhyming Poem
a poem that has rhyming words that follow a pattern example: ABCABC, ABA, AABB

Syllable Cinquain
five lined poem that follows a syllable pattern2,4,6,8,2 syllablesDoes not rhyme

Word Cinquian
five lined poem that follows a word patternone word, two words, three words, four words, and one wordDoes not rhyme

Cinquin- parts of speech pattern
five lined poem that follows a parts of speech patternnountwo adjectivesthree —ing wordsshort phrase or sentencenoun- synonym of the first wordDoes not rhyme

words that begin with the same letterMany mice moved across the mountain.

comparison between two different things using “as” or “like”Scream was as sharp as nails

compares two things but does NOT use as or likeYou are what you eat

A figure of speech in which human characteristics are given to an animal or an object.

Example: My teddy bear gave me a hug.

The use of a word to describe or imitate a natural sound or the sound made by an object or an action. Example: snap crackle pop

An exaggeration that is so dramatic that no one would believe the statement is true.

Tall tales are hyperboles.Example: He was so hungry, he ate that whole cornfield for lunch, stalks and all.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, an idiom is defined as: peculiar to itself either grammatically (as no, it wasn’t me) or in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements. Example: Monday week for “the Monday a week after next Monday”

Stanzas are a series of lines grouped together and separated by an empty line from other stanzas. (think of paragraphs)

End Rhyme
where a group of end word rhyme and make a patternI saw a fairy in the wood,He was dressed all in green.He drew his sword while I just stood,And realized I’d been seen.

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