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Last updated: September 24, 2019

6 Dinosaurs You May Not Have Known ExistedWhy are certain things more popular than others? Like how T-rex and triceratops are really popular than all of the other dinosaurs.The dinosaurs I will be talking about today are some dinosaurs you may have never heard of. Even I didn’t know some of these existed.I think these dinosaurs are pretty interesting and I think they should become more popular.                              #1: NodosaurusFirst off is a spiky armored dino, nodosaurus.

Some say nodosaurus is like a hedgehog because it would lower its body to the ground when attacked. The nodosaurus lived during the cretaceous in what is now North America. Some people might mistake it for ankylosaurus, a more famous dino. Nodosaurus means knobbed lizard and it is a herbivore. It weighs 1 ton and belongs to the nodosaur family.#2:Dsungaripterus      Flying high above the other dinosaurs(like nodosaurus) in the early cretaceous,we see dsungaripterus on its way to catch some shellfish. Its mandibles are curved so it is easier to catch fish.

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When it catches a shellfish it moves it to the back of its mouth to crack the shell with blunt back teeth. Some paleontologist think the crest on its head was used for mating.Dsungaripterus was able to fly for very long distances and had a wingspan of 10 feet.It weighed about 30 pounds and was 4 feet long from beak to toe.Paleontologist found that its brain was large and was more cunning for its time.The Dsungaripterus lived in China and were mainly found at China’s junggar basin and is part of the dsungaripteridae family.#3:HeterodontosaurusGrazing the green grass of the past is none other than Heterodontosaurus. It has three different types of teeth,Large canines called tusk, small peg-like teeth, and a row of squarish chompers.

The tusks need to have a long rest before being used so they can grow. This is one special dino because it has five fingers on each hand two of which are opposable! Heterodontosaurus young had larger eyes and a shorter snout than adults and also had those big tusks. They grow up so fast. When they grow up they might have cheek pouches to store food in.#4:ProtarchaeopteryxThis chinese dino had lots of feathers.

Despite all these feathers it could not fly because its skeletal structure is not suitable for flying, it also had symmetrical arm feathers(modern birds with symmetrical arm feathers can’t fly).Back in the cretaceous this was what they ate for thanksgiving because it had hollow bones and a wishbone.This theropod was an omnivore.                                                                      #5:CryolophosaurusThis “frozen-crested lizard” lived in the depths of Antarctica during the jurassic period. It weighed just a bit more than a polar bear and was as fast as an elephant. It was as long as 2 cars and was a theropod.

It was known for the crest on its head that unlike other dinos with crests on their heads, cryolophosaurus had a sideways crest rather than down the middle.Even though it lived in antarctica, it wasn’t the frozen tundra it is today because it was closer to the equator.#6:HylaeosaurusHylaeosaurus was one of the first dinos that was discovered and helped Richard Owen to make the term dinosaur and made paleontology so we could learn about the past. This “forest lizard” had long spikes on its shoulder and a beak.it was 25 feet long and may have had plates on its tail.It lived during the cretaceous period.Now that you know about these majestic creatures I hope that you will tell people about them so they become more popular.Who knows, maybe in the future they will be the most famous dinosaurs around.We can only hope that more dinosaurs get the spotlight.They all need some more fans so find a spot soon on your top ten favorite dinosaur list.ReferencesNodosaurus Facts- http://www.dinosaurjungle.com/dinosaur_species_nodosaurus.php Dsungaripterus Facts-https://www.newdinosaurs.com/dsungaripterus/                                       http://www.pteros.com/pterosaurs/dsungaripterus.html Heterodontosaurus Facts- Dinosaurs by Nigel Marven               http://mentalfloss.com/article/58255/10-fanged-facts-about-heterodontosaurusProtarchaeopteryxFacts-http://www.dinosaurjungle.com/dinosaur_species_protarchaeopteryx.php        Cryolophosaurus Facts- https://www.newdinosaurs.com/cryolophosaurus/ Hylaeosaurus Facts-http://www.rareresource.com/hylaeosaurus.htm Nodosaurus Photo-https://newsela.com/read/dinosaur-find/id/8643/ Dsungaripterus Photo-http://www.csotonyi.com/Dsungaripterus_weii_Csotonyi.html Heterodontosaurus Photo-http://mentalfloss.com/article/58255/10-fanged-facts-about-heterodontosaurusCryolophosaurus Photo- Dinosaurs vol.1 by Plumeri and Bloz

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