6 Elements of literature

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Last updated: April 28, 2019
The time (when) and the place (where) the story occurs.

All the events that make up the story; this includes subplots (a subplot is a plot within a plot).

The people in the story and their descriptions, such as personality, appearance, and actions.

Main Character (Protagonist)
Participates in most of the action, plays the main role in the story, is given distinct character traits by the author.

Minor Character
Less focus played on the minor character by the author, but the minor plays an important role in advancing the plot.

A character that opposes the protagonist; an adversary.

Static Character
A character that remains the same.

Dynamic Character
A character that changes in some important way.

The problems that need to be solved in the story.

Types of Conflict
External: Person vs. Nature Internal: Person vs. Self Person vs Person Person vs.


The moral of the story, or lesson to be learned; the universal message about life conveyed (the reader) by the author; the central idea for the test

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