Eating Spanish

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Last updated: September 15, 2020

The shot is of children saying which animals they want. Then a man says you can ‘take all their favourite animals home’, just by buying a Dr Dolittle video.

At the end, a message appears on the screen saying, that you can ‘buy one get one free’. In small print the message ‘while stocks last’ is added. There are some clips from the video, which are of the different animals. In one of them the monkey is being mischievous, and the main character is a bear.The point being made is, that it would be very easy to please children and stop them clamouring for gifts, by buying a video. Not only that, but by paying for one video you will receive another, free.

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This makes the video that you buy a bargain. Also, that by saying that you get ‘one free’, that it is a bargain’ not to be missed and that you should go out straight away.’while stock last’ The ‘while stocks last’ message implies that, ‘everyone’, meaning the viewers, will be buying this video for their children and so you should not be left out.

Also, it implies that you should hurry, by saying ‘while stocks last’This advert would encourage parents to go out quickly and buy this video before they have time to consider whether it is worth the money, because they would not want their children to be the only ones not to have it. The offer of the second video provides an incentive to buy, as people love to feel they have acquired something for free. The company hopes to attract purchasers who will not take time to consider whether they really want or need this video, by playing on the weakness of parents who think their children should have the same as everyone else and emphasising the need for a speedy decision. This advert is very persuasive so I think that the viewers will take in to account the information given and go out and buy the videos.

The first shot is of a boy and a girl eating junk food. A voiceover says ‘ if you are looking for a healthy alternative’. Then there is a shot of very happy, healthy children, eating Spanish clementines and oranges which contain Vitamin C. Another voiceover tells us what they are eating. The viewers are then advised to ‘get it into their heads’, presumably the idea of eating citrus fruits instead of junk food.

The advert is designed to encourage parents to buy healthy citrus fruit instead of junk food for their children. The image of the junk-eating children shows them as still and dull and unhealthy as opposed to the image of the fruit-eating children which shows them as happy and healthy and jumping around. This is also telling parents that if your child eats the clementines and oranges then they would prefer it to junk food and that they would be happy and bounce about, like it shows the children in the advert doing.The idea is that these images will come to parents minds when they are shopping and that they will buy Spanish citrus fruit instead of junk. The opening shot is of two witches because it is shown near halloween. Most things in the advert are black colour as it is night time. One witch whistles and a broomstick comes to her and the other cackles, and a vacuum cleaner comes to her.

The one on the vacuum cleaner can fly faster. A sign comes on screen saying ‘Withabix’. This sign is printed like the Weetabix logo in the same colour and font.The advert is saying, that if you eat Weetabix you have more energy, because it implies that the witch on the vacuum cleaner has eaten it and therefore can fly even beter on a vacuum than the other witch, on her broom and has more energy. The advert has been shown before in a different way using the same symbol so people will recognize the logo, which in this case is ‘weetabix’, but Iam saying that this particular advert advertising Weetabix cereal is not clear. People do not really want to see themselves as witches. It was showing witches because it was coming up to Halloween. Therefore it was appealing to parents and children, might get them to buy it because it will give them energy to get through the day faster like the witch on the vacuum.

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