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Harry in the next scene is standing in total darkness where the spot light is on him only; nobody else seems to be in the room, he’s holding on to a wand in one hand and a book in the other, at this point we hear a very mysterious voice saying ‘HAAARRRYYY POTTTEERR…’ Harry looks fearful and points the wand in the direction of the voice; it explodes and leads to the next scene. This scene is where Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are sitting in a room looking out of the window; it is raining outside and is very dark. Ron places the palm of his hand against the window, when it turns to ice and starts to crack; Ron’s face looks anxious and afraid.

This gives the audience a feeling of anxiety.The next scene is of dark night looking upon a train where Harry, Hermione and Ron are all sitting with a red haired man, Harry says something too him which sounds like ‘I soumon mubery out there’ and the interior of the train is shown, the red haired man says ‘It was a dementa of the guards of Azkaban is searching the trains fro Serious Black’ as he says this it goes on to the next scene where a creature of some sort seems to be climbing into a window on a dark and dull night; jus then the scene changes to a fairly large sort of gate closing behind doors, here is a person standing behind the doors, this persons identity is not revealed. The atmosphere at this point is very mysterious and depressing. A voice starts talking which leads to the next scene.The voice says ‘It is not the nature of the dementa to be forgiving.

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‘ The voice is of the head teacher: Professor Albus Dumbledore (played by Micheal Gambon). What he says is carried on for the next two scenes the first of Harry and Hermione standing in a forest clutching onto each other looking up at something which is not shown to build suspense, Harry and Hermione look scared stiff. The second scene of a creature whose head has been covered and is flying through the window with Harry looking alarmed as he sees it, his face becomes pale as the creature came closer.The scenes start off slow and then speed up closer to the end of the trailer; this is done to keep the audiences attention; some lead straight into another scene others fade out and then another scene come up.

 The next scene is of dark purpley black clouds with white writing emerging from them saying ‘THIS SUMMER’, this leads to the next scene, and we hear thunder and see a slight lightning affect.This scene starts off with a bird, the camera shot is an extreme-close up making the bird look threatening, and the bird is flying over a beautiful landscape, hills and a river at the bottom. The next scene showing Ron, Harry and Hermione with other students walking down steps leading outside Hogwarts, the building looks very old; this then leads to another bunch of clouds and white writing saying ‘SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!’ again we hear thunder and lightning whenever the clouds appear.Harry’s voice is the voice over in the next couple of scenes he says ‘I hope he finds me, because when he does I’m going to be ready!’ The first scene is of serious black standing next to an old wooden door which leads straight to the next scene of Harry’s back standing in a sort of garden in front of an arched doorway with a bird flying to his shoulder.

The last scene where he says ‘Because when he does I’m going to be ready’ he’s standing next to trees here it is snowing.The scene after that is of Professor Rumus Cupin (played by David Themis) standing opening a sort of case from which a flying creature flies out and Harry explodes it using his wand, the explosion leads to the next scene where a lady who looks like a teacher in the school is talking to her students, she says ‘You must look beyond!’ and points at the corner of the ceiling, the students follow her hand to the ceiling and look up.The next scene tells you that the film is going to have some sort of comedy in, the scene is of a fat lady who is floating upside down in the air to hold her down a man is holding onto her hands however is unable to bring her back and he himself starts to up in the air, the dog jumps up and grabs the mans legs.Harry’s face is the next close up shot, he has a very shaken face which leads to the next scene is a creature growling at something in the forest which leads to another scene where Ron is growling and then starts laughing this is also a sign that there is going to be comedy in the film.

 A women in the next scene looks like she’s in some sort of a clothes shop looking into a mirror, she is wearing a big coat and loads of hats, she also has a scarf around her neck it looks like some sort of animal skin. She spins around and changes form into a bat and flies away at this point in the trailer the scenes are coming very fast.Hagrid is the only one pictured in this close-up scene looking up at the sky, he looks astounded, the thing he is so shocked to see isn’t revealed to build suspense; you can see that he is astounded by the expression on his face.

 The teacher who was in the last scene teaching her students and telling them ‘You must look beyond’ is pictured in this scene, her face is a extreme-close up to show emotion as she looks like she is about to cry.In the next scene a book is pictured, the book is called ‘The monster book of monsters’ this book growls and has eyes and teeth, this is included in the trailer to show the audience that if a book has eyes and teeth anything is possible, the film is unpredictable. The next scene is a three shot of three boys in a snowy condition the middle boy looks as if he is the leader of the three boys, he says ‘Filthy little mud blood’ at this point the next scene comes in, you see Hermione walking down a sort of hill with Harry and Ron following, she looks very angry as she walks up to the three boys who are laughing, she shouts ‘Foul lowthem little cockroach’ and punches the leader of the three boys in the face, then calmly turns around and says ‘That felt good!’The next scene is where the title of the film is revealed in front of the dark purpley black clouds; you hear thunder and see lightning this gives a scary affect.

This is one of the last scenes; it is left to near the end to build suspense. Harry is shown in the next scene shouting ‘EXPECTO PATROLAM’ as he waves his wand in the air dark purply black clouds appear telling us the releasing date ‘JUNE 4TH’ The film must be popular in America because in another scene it says ‘AMERICA ONLINE KEYWORD: HARRY POTTER’ with Waner Bros Pictures logo at the bottom of the screen. The very last scene is of the Harry Potter website ‘WWW.HARRYPOTTER.COM’. The writing shown in the clouds are big and bold going across the screen. This is done to show that the film is well known around the world.

The overall feel of the film was very convincing; it leaves a big impact on the cinema attendees or the viewers at home. The content would appeal to those who read Harry Potter books, and those who are interested in adventure, mystery and comedy. All the marketing tools combine to achieve a very spectacular trailer. The thunder and lightning affect whenever the clouds are shown blend together with mystery and adventure themes.

Seeing the trailer would be more effective then looking at a poster because then you will get to see that there is some sort of comedy in with it as well as mystery and adventure whereas if you saw the poster it would appeal to those who are interested in scary films and to those who read Harry potter books only because a poster can’t really talk for itself and tell you that here are comedy scenes in the film too. The trailer would most likely to be scene before films whose target audiences are 10+, and in between the breaks of TV programs which children are most likely to watch for example after 3:30 (after school) onwards until about 7:00. Taken as a whole this trailer is one of the best trailers, it leave a great impact on you, wanting to go and watch the film.

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