The audience might interpret miller’s portrayal

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Because of these views this could be the reason why Eddie does not like Rodolpho and why the audience sees him as not masculine. Rodolpho could be seen as childish and not masculine. This could be either because he cooks, cleans, helps make dresses and sings, or it could be because he is blond. Cooking, cleaning, sowing and singing are usually associated with women. This is a very stereotypical view and this could be the reason why Eddie believes Rodolpho does not fit in as a masculine.Also the audience could see him as childish because when the cousins first arrived Marco told Eddie “he dreams” referring to the motorbike Rudolpho wants to get and the audience could see this as something a child would do and not a grown man Eddie wants to discredit Rodolpho and quickly finds a reason for this. Rodolpho is slightly-built, blond, a good singer and dancer, and he can cook and make dresses.

Also Eddies friends, Mike and Louis seem to share the same view as him: “He comes around, everybody’s laughing’ ,” After this, Eddie abuses his trust as Catherines uncle to persuade her that Rodolpho is a “hit-and-run guy” and “only bowin’ to his passport” in an attempt to split them up but this dose not work. However this could be interpreted in a different way. It could be seen as Eddie having incestual urges for Catherine and only hating Rodolpho because he wants Catherine for himself.He would not be challenging Rodolphos masculinity but he would be challenging his own because if he did like Catherine it would go against his stereotypical views of masculinity. This is brought about when Catherine’s attraction to Rodolpho brings Eddies love for her in the open.

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His love for Catherine appears in his obsessive concern for her. A good example of this is his concern with her appearance, he says “I think its too short” referring to her dress and “you walkin wavy I don’t like the looks they’re givin you in the candy store” “the heads are turning like windmills”.This shows Eddies obsessive concern for Catherine and shows he could be having feelings for her and is jealous when she has feelings for Rodolpho instead and so tries to discredit him. In conclusion I would say that the audience could interpret Miller’s portrayal of masculinity in many different ways, one being that Miller portrayed masculinity in this story in the form of Eddie Carbone.I believe Eddie carbone is meant to represent every man, he is ordinary, decent, hard working and charitable and these are features of masculinity which should be shown in every man but during the story Eddie begins to break down because of his views on masculinity, he has certain urges which he dose not know how to control and begins to show he is not as masculine as he seems this is the cause of dramatic tension in the play and proves my hypothesis to be correct that masculinity in this play is essential to cause dramatic tension and Arthur Miller has portrayed this very well.

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