2.1 communication method (Dodson, 2016). To understand the

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Last updated: February 28, 2019

2.1 Introduction Digital marketing has become anindispensable and increasingly large component of modern marketing activities.With the rise of the internet and technological advances, communicating onlinehas evolved into a fundamental tool unlike any other communication method (Dodson, 2016).

To understand the best utilisation ofdigital marketing strategies through the use of the internet, two factors areconsidered; competitors’ digital marketing campaigns and identification oftarget customers: who are they and what do they want in a brand/product. It is critical to monitor onlinepresence and encourage engaging others through social media platforms and brandwebsites. Through creating good and engaging content, both people and searchengines will be attracted (Frick, 2010), creating buzz around a brand.Further communication of acompany’s goals and philosophy in digital marketing helps in guiding traffic towebsites and increases high-quality lead generation in social media platforms andsearch engines (Florès, 2014,p.

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