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The African Americans who have been given other names like Negroes, colored, afro-Americans and Anglo-Americans have led a difficult experience in the between 1920 to 2000. The white American had negative attitudes towards them which can be evidenced through issues of higher education, employment, politics etc of the period. These attitudes have their origin from periods of 1700 and 1800, when the African American was taken to North America from Southern hemisphere as slaves. They had nothing they owned and were viewed as property of the owners.

They had no rights and therefore the owners had full discriminatory policies over them. They were working with no income and were therefore seen as cheap and slaves people. From this kind of background, the African American continued to suffer even in the late 1920(s). The legislative, judicial and executive decisions that were made were influencing the African American negatively. Most of such decisions were breaking the roles of anti-discrimination movement that was going on.Some of the bills passed and decisions made that affected the African American included biased federal loan and mortgage policies, discrimination in regards to real estate practices, education system, political issues, medical issue, etc. The white American had bad attitude towards the African American, and therefore seen them as cheap and people who were not worthy owning properties, schooling their children etc.

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There was violation of the principles under federal laws that state that a person cannot be discriminated on the basis of gender, race, color ethnicity etc.These immigrants therefore were prone to private discrimination and other kinds of abuse. African American women were also denied some rights in regard to high education policies. From many findings, many Africa Americans were not able to access high education due to the social, economical, political among other obstacles. According Dunn Beaudry most of high education policies in the 1990(s), did not focus on the African American.

The whites American had an attitude which did not see any importance of amending some policy which could allow the blacks to access high education.From Beverly’s articles he argues that the government was not doing to the expectation and efforts geared towards reaching a point of uniform administration of policies were rendered ineffective. The African Americans were denied many civil rights which called for many movement groups campaign protesting against this abuse of human rights. These series of antidiscrimination movement groups made the attitudes of the white American to take another angle in 1960(s).The federal government laws were amended and slowly the African Americans were represented in property owning and access of high education. Some of the principles starting private equal protection were enforced through the United State courts. According to Dunn Beaudry, although the immigrants were protected by the laws amended, the enforcement of the anti-discrimination statutes was hampered by different social obstacles and attitudes of politicians to protect the rights of immigrants in the period.

He state that the politician lacked the motivation to protect the African Americans. Believes and attitude of the white concerning their property values increasing brought about the discrimination of African Americans on property owning. The white American did not appreciate the blacks owning their property.

According to Foner, Eric, in 1961 to 1963, state legislature failed to pass a bill which was against discrimination in selling, leasing, renting, of real estate.Beside this fact, the government did not intervene to mitigate the impact of these problems to the African American. This brought about a series of campaign for open housing property rights by the angered African American.

This issue was later readdressed after a strong confrontation by the campaigning groups. The issue after being readdressed the situation calmed but the policies on the ground. From many scholars, the African Americans with property in the 1970s were few compared with the whites American.

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