As doctors we must strive

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As doctors we must strive to deliverexemplary holistic care to our patients; treating not the disease but theperson as whole. To achieve this, we must act as professionals. The journey tobecoming a professional doctor begins in medical school, and it is a processthat must continue for the rest of one’s career as doctor due to the ever-changingand progressive nature of medicine.

The Medical Council is a regulatory bodymade up of doctors and lay people who aim to protect the patient from the poorprofessional performance of doctors. They promote professional values amongmedical professionals and oversee that doctors are being educated to thehighest standards both during their initial training and during theircontinuous medical education (CME). They also deal with complaints made againstdoctors by members of the public, holding doctors accountable for their professionalperformance.

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All doctors who practice in Ireland must register with the MedicalCouncil. (1) The Medical Council have formed guidelines forprofessional practice and given examples of situations that doctors mightencounter. Doctors are expected to understand and follow these guidelines, andapply them to situations they may encounter in their everyday practice.

These guidelinesare based on core values that can be divided into three “pillars ofprofessionalism”: partnership, practice and performance. (2) Partnership mostlyconcerns the formation of a positive doctor-patient relationship, patientcentred care and good communication between doctors and their patients andcolleagues. The doctor must try to understand the patient at a deeper level throughclear and direct communication, maintaining awareness of the biopsychosocialmodel of medicine. For these reasons, communication and interpersonal skillsare said to be the cornerstones of medical practice.

(3)The key elements of practice involve:prioritising the care of patients and treating them with compassion, maintainingtheir confidentiality, caring for oneself and careful management of practicesystems and resources.

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