Why do I want to transfer?

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Last updated: May 22, 2019

I am interested in transferring schools because my current university is located in a rural area. Although country life is wonderful I believe that a very important component of education is to diversify your experiences and be exposed to as many cultural activities as possible. The city atmosphere will most definitely allow me to experience art and culture first hand. By transferring I will also be able to change my major from accounting to economics which I love!As an economics major I will have a broader outlook when I become a job seeker. One’s education is ultimately a stepping stone into a bright future.

I believe I will have a better opportunity to find employment in my field if I am familiar with a city environment. I also have the hope that employers will more readily hire an economics major from your university given its great reputation. By becoming a transfer student I also believe I will bring a lot to my future university. I am currently active in activities at my university.Participating in university activities and functions is a huge part of becoming a successful person.

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Coming from a rural university to an urban area will allow me to share my culture with others. In retrospect the time I have spent at my current university has been incredible. It is my dream to be very successful in economics. I feel that expanding my horizons by attending your university is the first step to making this dream come true. I appreciate your consideration in this matter and I hope to hear from you soon.

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