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Last updated: May 22, 2019

I love to travel. I am enamored to things such as new places and culture. I find myself amazed in simple things in places that I visit. I like to know the hows of the physical structures like mountains and landscapes. When I was a child, I dreamed of exploring places, I was fascinated with adventures and treasure hunting. As years passed by, I have forgotten about those “silly dreams” and went on with my life but dreams are dreams and no matter how innocent they seemed to be I realized that those childhood dreams are parallel to my current interests.I want to take up geography because I believe it will lead me to discovering the real treasures. I want to study geography because it will expose me to the things I normally enjoy.

I believe it will equip me with the understanding of different cultures. Geography will connect me to the world. Binghamton University (BU) has been making headlines because of its academic reputation. I with my family am impressed with the decade-long hold of BU as one of the best public universities in the country and its foothold as the best in New York.With its programs and activities I say there is nowhere else that could meet my needs. That is why I choose Binghamton.

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Binghamton University’s strategic plan says something about excellence in the changing times. I totally agree with that. Traditions speak of retaining excellence so with the on-going changes in our community it is necessary to be equipped with knowledge and skills. Geography includes studies about the changes in the physical earth and it also covers of ways of preserving it and I firmly Binghamton University will give me the knowledge and skills I need in facing the changes new climates brings.

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