6th Grade-Literary Genres

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Last updated: May 3, 2019
stories that use characters, settings and plots to convey events that are not real

writing that uses real people, settings, and plot to convey actual events

folktale that teaches a moral or lesson often including animals as characters (Aesop’s Fable)

verse that uses sounds, rhythm, and word choice to convey ideas

The stories take place in make-believe settings that don’t really exist. The characters do things they would not be able to do in real life. Some creatures in fantasy are not found in real life.

Stories relating to a certain area that has been passed down by word of mouth. Popular myths or beliefs relating to a particular area.

folktale that is considered sacred and that attempts to explain how things came to be.

nonfiction that is informational writing about real people.

nonfiction that is a biography of a person written by himself or herself.

Tall Tale
folktale that is usually humorous and usually assumed to be untrue.

Historical Fiction
fiction that is set in the past.

Realistic Fiction
believable fiction that is set in the present.

fiction that includes secrets or crimes to be solved.

Science Fiction
fiction that deals with science or technology.

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