7. is approaching. 8. Conclusions My role varies week

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7. Influencing, Negotiating and Selling as an HRProfessional (2.3, 1.2)Influencing Hiring Managers on interview outcomes (2.

3,1.2)It is company policy that a member of the HR teaminterviews a candidate at some stage before they are offered a role.  Recently, I have been allowed the opportunityto attend interviews along with the various managers from each respective team.I have been able to inflence Hiring Managers withmy opinions on the candidates being interviewed, and also have been able to usethe interviews to assist me in further recruiting for the role. From my exprerience in influencing hiringmanagers in this context, I have realised the importance of effectivecommunication skills as explained by Barker (2010). It is paramount that I amable to express my opinion clearly, so managers can understand my thought.Negotiating with website providers/seniormanagement for external job posting slots (2.

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3, 1.2)I am lucky enough to be given the authority toliaise with our account managers in our various job-posting advert sites thatour firm uses.  Basically, we are given anumber of slots on each website that we can update with different roles as manytimes as we like.

  This responsibility Ihave been given, correlates with opinions expressed by Benfield (2012): whoinclude that correctly allocating increased responsibility, can lead tocreating a ‘winning team’.As payments are paid by annual subscription,renewal time can be a busy occasion.  Strategically, we have arranged that all of our annual websitesubscriptions expire at around the same time. This enables HR to get new fees approved by senior management quitequickly, compared to having to meet with senior management on seperateoccasions for different wesbites throughout the year.There has been occasions where i have had to sitdown with the sales representitives from the sites, and obtain as many slots asi can from the funds I have been given. My strategy towards obtaining the best deal corrrelates with workincluded in the preface of (Templar 2012): “It is better to negotiate alonger delivery time, than to let people down”.  With external vendors, sometimes it ischeaper to negotiate deals at times when job application numbers aretraditionally lower: For example: when the time for bonus payments isapproaching.

8. ConclusionsMy role varies week by week, there is one commondenominator: I have to serve ‘customers’ daily.    I enjoy learning how to please thesecustomers, and fulfiling their needs while behaving in line with the overallstrategy of the firm (Hirsh et al.

2008)I am to continue to learn different HumanResources functions, and to stay in a generalist capacity for as long as Ican.  Later in my career, I aim to focuson a particular area within Human Resources.I have included my development plan within thisdocument.  This plan takes my futurecareer aspirations into consideration, while discussing my rationale for thoseaspirations in line with reference to CIPD (2017).  

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