Discussion Question on Windows Networking

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Last updated: May 23, 2019

Organization management can be efficiently accomplished if networking can be done the elegantly.

By implement an appropriate network in an organization many important tasks like inter-departmental communication, customer dealings, administration tasks, product invention to final delivery can accomplished in well-organized manner. If we work smarter we can have many tasks fulfilled in much shorter time. A new way of managing tasks is to work in small groups in large organization.

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Groups can accomplish many small tasks efficiently hence working in collaboration with other groups can tremendously improve the working of an organization. Efficiency of group account over user accounts IT administration has decided to form group account in order to handle customer inquiries and accounts. Groups are formed according to the needs of a customer, in order to make business dealings more efficient and networks more secure. Group accounts are much better in their efficiency to provide service to customers than user accounts.This is because when working in groups various tasks are divided between the group participants. If one group user is not available then others can handle the inquiry or management tasks.

Group accounts also work best in large organizations because they have huge number of customer base, different technical issues, and security concerns. To run group efficiently a manager controls supervises the working of a group and global group tasks. Group manager updates email distribution lists and many other tasks to reduce the work of administration.

Benefits of user accounts User accounts are also beneficial under certain conditions. They work efficiently in smaller companies where customer base is small, less number of IT departments, and lesser security threat. Hence individual accounts of customers can easily be handled by only few IT professionals. Difference between created account and built-in account Currently in the IT department there are two types of accounts present on a network. The built-in accounts are those that are built by default. These accounts cannot be deleted or created.As compared to this created accounts are those that can be created and deleted on daily basis as a new user is added or deleted from the network.

Both built-in accounts and created accounts can be modified on the network. Issues and problems while using nesting in groups A large organization is broken into smaller groups to work in more efficient way. However, these groups are nested in order to improve their output efficiency. Nesting involves rolling up all groups in a hierarchy fashion. The issues that we face using nesting are that regarding user authentication.For example, when groups are nested all the users are enumerated on the server. Suppose if a user is added to group R.

After that if group R is nested within group T, and then top level of another group S is nested. So when group S is added to Microsoft content management server 2001, it does not allow a user in group R to login. When groups are nested within another group it creates problem of login authentication. The users in one group cannot login into the network.

This is the major problem with nesting.

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