Within people with disabilities have, adapting their capacities

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Last updated: July 23, 2019

Within our theme, the function of technology is to try to solvedifferent needs that people with disabilities have, adapting their capacitiesto the environment. We can group aid technology into five groups: 1.Alternative and augmentative systems of access to information are aids forpeople with visual and/or auditory impairment.

• Speech technologies: voice recognition and text-to-voice conversionoffer countless possibilities, some currently viable and others in the nearfuture. The expectation in this field is a decrease in all its restrictions,although it is not expected that it will be able to recognize the speech, in afully satisfactory way until at least the first or second decade of the nextcentury.• Interactive Multimedia Systems: Multimedia systems (those thatprocess, store and transmit images, voice, text and data in an integrated way)offer the possibility to act on the contents of the same, thus emerging theinteractivity. People with disabilities benefit from the existence ofmultimedia services and applications that will enable them, through thenecessary adaptations, to perfect multimodal access on an equal basis.• Advanced Communications: The exclusive connection through computerswill give way to a wide range of access devices and all countries will be ableto access a high-speed network. There is an accelerated tendency to includevideophones, text phones, faxes and others. Without a doubt, one of the effectsthat is envisaged will be the greater social integration of people who have sofar had limited access to telecommunications, which will directly reverse thesocial differences between the population with Disability.The merger of the mobile phone with the Internet is about to shockeveryone.The acronym WAP (Mobile Application Protocol) will become popular assoon as the manufacturers have enough units to launch their models massively tothe market.

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