Common medical assistant, I can use this knowledge

Common Cancers: 1.      Prostate Cancera.      Prevails in menb.     Hard to detect as it has no early symptomsc.      Grows slowly d.     Treatment includes:                                                               i.

     Surgery (remove)                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Medication (hormone treatment)2.      Breast Cancer a.      Prevails in womenb.     Rare in menc.

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      Treatment includes:                                                              i.     Chemotherapy                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Surgery (remove)3.      Lung Cancer a.      Has no early signsb.     Causes bone, chest, and head painc.

      Treatment includes:                                                               i.     Surgery                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Chemotherapy                                                          iv.     Medication                                                            v.     Immunotherapy 4.      Ovarian Cancera.

      No clear cause b.     Has 3 times (Epithelial, Stromal, Germ Cell)c.      Most common in women who are 50-60  years oldd.     Treatment includes:                                                               i.     Surgery                                                            ii.

     Chemotherapy 5.      Bladder Cancera.      Affects approx. 68,000 adults every year in USb.

     Signs include: bloody urine, pelvic pain, andpainful urinationc.      Treatment includes:                                                               i.     Surgery                                                             ii.     Chemotherapy in bladder/whole body                                                           iii.     Reconstruction of bladder                                                          iv.

     Immunotherapy  As a medical assistant, I can use this knowledge to help educatethe patient why he/she has questions in regards to certain types of cancer. Forexample, if the patient asks me why she is getting screened for bladder cancerwhen she only came in because she had bloody urine, I can advise the patientthat one of the signs of bladder cancer consist of bloody urine. I can use thisinformation to help the patient understand why they are being screed for thetype of cancer he/she is being screened for.  

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