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Last updated: May 27, 2019

Ø  Accountable for establishing the formalprocesses, procedures, policies, and potentially consult on tools establishmentfor all ITIL based services for our clients and participate in the salesprocess as necessary to grow these services to become standalone managed servicespractices.  Ø  Analyzes infrastructure processes and standardswith respect to ITIL best practices. Serves as an ITIL Subject Matter Expert;provides guidance on ITIL-based process design and implementation for clients. Ø  Manages relationships with clients and hasfrequent and direct contact with client senior executives. Ø  Ensure that processes needed for the QualityManagement System are established, implemented and maintained.

Report to topmanagement on the performance of the QMS and any need for improvement. Ensurethe promotion of awareness of Levis requirements throughout the organization. Ø  Proactively identify potential early warningand risks before they occur and capture in the weekly early warning tracker.e.g.

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customer deliverables delays, milestone delay, service quality, programquality issues, Penalty issues Ø  Reviews and analyzes existing processeffectiveness and efficiency guidelines and develops strategies forimprovement. Ø  Work closely with delivery teams and mentorGreen Belts in execution of Kaizen /Lean/Six Sigma methodology implementationand process improvements & process automation / transformation /re-engineering. 

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