“A act of humanity, give pauper hope that

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Last updated: September 24, 2019

“A vending machine for the homeless just launched in the U.

K., and will soon debut in U.S. cities” is an article about a person who invented the first vending machine for homeless people. Some people agree with it, some don’t. As the result, a lot of people showed the pros and cons of this invention. However, in my point of view, the vending machine for homeless is a brilliant idea from a generosity and kind-hearted men names Huzaifah Khaled. Helping the homeless by supporting his idea is the first step to build a better world because it is an act of humanity, give pauper hope that they need, and help government decrease homeless.

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Why did Khaled talk with beggars and buy them coffee? Maybe he was curious about their life, or it is because of his kind heart which love and treat people equally. Any specie in the world will protect its own member from danger. It is the same with human. People should help weaker individuals (include animals) when they need, that is the first moral lesson everybody has taught when we was a kid.

Moreover, these people are human beings after all! There is no reason why we should not help homeless people. The irony is pauper and poor people are the same; poor people maybe have a house, a job but not enough of income to feed their family or in debt, but homeless people do not even have a house to sleep. Nevertheless, many people donate for poor people and they do not care about beggar around them. Nowadays, a lot of charity was created to support the homeless because they can see the problem from they is they are suffering from mental illness and addiction. Therefore, if we do not help them, they will stuck in the circle and never find a way to get out. If we help them, we not only give them hope, but also change the way people think about beggar. People tend to look down and make bad assumption about homeless person; therefore, it has to be change. No homeless person deserves to be on the street, and no one knows their story if they don’t ask.

Some could have been very wealthy and lost their job, teenagers could have suffered abuse, or some could have been shunned from their family, but the fact is no one truly knows not unless we take an interest in these people. Maybe pauper people will have effort to change themselves, when they meet “fairy godmother” who care about them. It is a Cinderella miracle for them to keep on their dream and change from “the lowest class” in the world to “normal people”. In this case, Khaled’s invention seemed like a magic spell for all homeless people in the world.That vending machine can help the government and the world prevent the increasing of homeless people. Beggar can save their small amount of money that they earn by using the vending machine for basic necessities. With that money they can do a lot of things such as buy warmer clothes, get some medicine, or even save it for a car.

In spite of having a job is still a challenge for them, but their life are becoming better and better day by day while they are using the machine. As what we see, Khaled idea helps governments to transform slums into sustainable communities. Furthermore, it will not cost governments a lot of time and effort to come into operation the vending machines; because it don’t need a lot of human resources, and it is easier to manage the supplies. Khaled’s vending machine was the very first step to get closer to solve some of many problems about homeless around the world. For all of the reasons, his invention represent love between people, new chance for paupers, and a helpmate of governments to get beggars off the stress. Although the invention might not entirely perfect, with creative minds of human and developing of technology, there will be more incredible solutions to homelessness in the future.

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