A Class Divided Analysis

After watching the video A Class Divided, there are a few things that Jumped out at m. The questionable ethics of the experiment and the blatant discrimination that occurred was used as a learning tool. the use of these questionable methods were an attempt to illuminate a dark area of social learning an understanding while trying to break the bonds of racism and prejudice. The results call to light human nature and the effects of racial inequity.

The videos were broken into parts and the parts consisted of the teacher showing and telling the students about discrimination the day after the assignation of martin Luther king Jr. She broke the students into groups and told them one was blue eyes and one was brown eyes. She then proceeded to tell the blue eye group of students that they were superior to the brown eye group of students, and that the brown eye students could get on the playground and had to come in early and couldn’t eat. Then on the next day the brown eye group was superior and got to play on the playground extra and could go eat food.

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And at the end of the week the teacher talked to the students about what happened and see how they liked getting the treatment they received. The definition of ethics is moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of questions of right and wrong and how we ought to live. What ethics really in tells is making moral Judgments about what is right and what is wrong. When dealing with this experiment I think it was ethical because to me it taught a valuable lesson that people should learn and that is not to treat people different Just because of the color of their skin.

Some people might think that the problems with the ethics of this experiment, would be that the children that was in this experiment ere not old enough to really grasp what was going on even though the teacher tried to explain it the best she could so that the children could understand it. They see it as ( as in the parents) that they are teaching their kids something they don’t want to learn or their kids learn because its change and some people don’t accept change very well they start to do some stuff that isn’t right but they think is right for them. i think the experiment results was worth the damage because I think it should be taught everywhere because it a GREAT learning tool for kids to get a hold of at a very young age but their mind is so easier to mold. The definition of discrimination is an unfair treatment of a person, group, and or minority because of what they dress like or the color of their skin they do this by doing an act of prejudice (like telling them can’t eat here only whites can eat here).

One of the things that I noticed when the children reunited is some of their ideas and attitudes towards the whole situation and also how much they remember. And a lot of the students said that the class that they went through actually helped them not think of any way towards any of the other people and treat them with fairness, then a portion of them couldn’t really emember anything trom the class because it was so long ago but the parts they d remember was like the intro to what the teacher said and that was that they were split up into groups and that one was group of kids was blue eyes and another was brown eyes.

How it relates to the real world and outside, here is a story I was leaving a my high school football game and I was by self and there were three white gentleman sitting on a beamer and right before I walked up I overheard them talking about black people and when they see me they blurted out of there goes a ni**** there goes a ni**** why that ni*** alive go back to Africa.

This essay was about the movie a class divided where a teacher went and did a class right after Martin Luther King Jr was assaniated and conducted a little experiment with the kids by separating one group of kids and calling them blue eyes and another group brown eyes and letting them go through the same things other cultures and races go through like the name calling and the lies and corruption that also goes on and she let it go o for a week and at the end of the week she asked the kids how they felt about going through the situations and all said they did not like the treatment that they received.


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